Friday, April 17, 2020

A New Classic MG joins the Garage

Classic cars have been part of our life since Sue and I first married and for me, from the time I had my licence. Citroens have come and gone. Alfa Romeos were a favourite, Triumphs and Minis sometimes filled the garage.

MGs have always been consistent over the last 40 years. Only recently we sold our 2003 MGTF to be replaced with our 1980 MGBGT.

Having been an MG Car Club members since 1984, we've had as many as seven MGS of varying models however I think this one may be staying for some time.

The 2003 MGTF

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Autumn Mushrooms and Toadstools

As autumn descends on Trentham and the Victorian Highlands, between rain and sunshine, colours are changing and the fungi are sprouting from the fields.

You may notice how a Kangaroo decided to leave a deposit neatly between these two fungi.

Although I enjoy fungi, there's no way I would consider eating them unless from a commercial producer.

Although they do look very attractive - don't they. Maybe homes to the fairy that inhabit our field.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

TUSC - Tuesday Urban Sketch Club

Its been as previous mentioned that I was invited a little over 12 months ago the take up the pencil and start sketching by one of our local artists. Peter John Young is slightly eccentric with a kind and outgoing personality also inclined to be a little verbose with an eclectic humour which I enjoy.

A fellow local artist, John Bryant who past away last year started the sketch club however although I knew David, I never sketched with him.

This Tuesday we sketched from our own homes via the App Zoom, an interface program that allows all sketchers to socialise while working on their sketch.
This is of course a necessary alternative due to the Corona Virus restrictions, even here in Trentham.

Peter assigned us a project this Tuesday that could be anything from our pantry. I decided on a sectional view of our pantry which is a butler's pantry style where we store goods, wash up (it has two sinks) and make our tea and coffee. The arrangement allows Sue to cook in the kitchen and me (the Butler) to transport her meet to the pantry to clean up!!!!!!!! Gee, she's a great cook but really messy!

So back to the subject in hand.
My sketch or sketches as I did two, were of a section of the pantry and then our Nespresso machine with a cup and saucer used for our espresso coffee.

I've added a photo of the scene I sketched. I fine the photo helps to reference detail when required.

So there you go - My Tuesday Urban Sketch Club in Trentham report until next Tuesday.

Monday, April 06, 2020

We have a regular Tuesday sketch club here in Trentham which I joined approximately 12 months ago. From a group of 4 to 6, we seemed to outgrow our welcome at the local cafes where we would sit, sketch and drink coffee.

With COVID-19 most of our sketching is done in the confines of our own homes currently but we do interact via the App Zoom. I quite enjoy the pencil and sometimes add a bit of colour with Derwent colours but the whole brush thing is yet to be mastered.

This Tuesday the task is to draw a pantry scene - that should prove challenging when your Foodie wife has all sorts of kitchen gadgets in the pantry. I should explain a little further. It is actually a Butler's Pantry where after dinner, I get sent to clean up the residue of the splendid meal she may have conjured up from the many ingredients amongst the shelves.

I shall post my masterpiece tomorrow - watch this space.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Where have you been Leon Sims?

Yes, true - it has been some time since we last posted on our BLOG.
A lot has happened with settling in our new home, even settling in to our new town. I must say both have been without a hitch. The community is welcoming and Sue and I find ourselves involved in much of the local activities and organisations.

It only seems like yesterday that Sue had an unfortunate accident on our last few days in France 2017 when she fractured two vertebrae and my father passes away while we were there. 12 months ago we lost our almost 21 year old cat Gem - she had a very good and long life as did my father (96).

That's all now past us and I feel the urge to show you more of our life in the small rural village of Trentham, Victoria.

I note that our last post was March 2018 - I have been slack. Let's get this Blog rolling once again.

That's if there is any interest out there.