Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Windows with a Tune

Cleaning windows
The wipers worked frantically
to no great advantage
as we were chauffeured
down the narrow streets
of a village in the Loire
in a Citroen Traction Avant

Looking out Celestine's windscreen - Loire 2010


  1. That made me smile! Liked the poem, liked the reminder of a Citroen because I had a 2CV once and would love to have one again, so thanks for giving me a smile.

    1. Vera,
      You make us smile too when we read your posts and I hope we can meet when we return to our spirital home of France next year.

  2. Hi Sue and Leon,
    Judy just told me about you blog and I'm really enjoying it, particularly the cooking posts (sorry Leon).
    I'll pop in every now and then to see what you are up to.
    What's for dinner tonight Sue?
    Sheryl xx

    1. Hi Sheryl,
      John came for a BBQ tonight. It was our first night outside in this fabulous weather. Ah, spring!
      Just BBQ fare. But made some blood orange curd today. So made some meringues and put the curd in them with a little vanilla cream and sliced strawberries. (As you do) :-)


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