Thursday, August 22, 2013

It was a very long day at the office. Glad to be Home.

The alarm went off at 5.30 am. Sometimes I get up to join my cobbers for a ride but mostly work gets in the way. This morning when the alarm went off, instead of jumping into the Lycra, it was the shower and off to work.
Around 5ish Sue rang me and said, "get home, you've been there nine and a half hours". "OK Sue but what's for dinner?" She wasn't saying except to say, "I'm showing you how a good Bruscetta should be".

Well let tell you, when I opened the door after over an hour on the road to get home, it had the aromas of a real Italian Restaurant, something that I didn't experience last night.

The waft of garlic and oregano welcomed me down the hallway and into the kitchen and there was a glass of wine waiting for me. How pampered am I?

yeah real pampered!
But not special bruscetta. just done properly so it tastes good. Sourdough bread toasted and rubbed with fresh garlic. Tomato chopped and given a bit of a squeeze to get rid of a bit of moisture, then a little sea salt, basil if you have any and a drizzle of olive oil. how hard is that?

This is a recipe called Greek chicken. It probably doesn't have much in common with the original recipe, because the vegetables change to suit what you have. There is always chicken thighs on the bone, garlic, oregano, red onion, potato wedges. Tonight there was also, fennel, red capsicum and a tin of tomatoes. After it cooks add feta cheese and parsley. it is always lush and moreish.
And left overs for my lunch - thanks Hun!

My Rick Stein's empty plate photo.
When the cheese and strawberries come out, its time to make coffee she tells me.
The strawberries are really delicious this year considering that it is still winter and they are all Australian.


  1. Now that the kids are gone, Leon sure gets a lot of attention! Pampered? Spoiled? Lucky man indeed!

  2. Lovely meal. Will file away the info about the chicken dish. Have three cockerels to get into the freezer soon, so one might find his way into the Greek chicken dish!

  3. Now that was worth spending 9 hours at work for, Sue you spoil that man of yours, but it does sound like he appreciates it :-)
    have a great weekend D & N

  4. Hey Vera, if you make the Greek Chicken, it has quite a lot of sweet paprika on the chicken before you put in oven. Quite hot oven also.

  5. Nadege, he got the same attention when the kids were home....just less leftovers. Ha ha

  6. He spoils me from time to time too Diane. You and Nigel have a good one too.


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