Monday, August 19, 2013

Sue's Kitchen at Home this Week

People tell me how fortunate I am with Sue's cooking and I am, but you need to know that cooking is her passion, sometimes her relaxation and its not often that she doesn't feel like creating in the kitchen.

So this week we are going to bring you what comes out of the kitchen at home. Having said that, we will be out Wednesday night so we'll bring you a restaurant experience.

Most days I ring from work in the afternoon and the conversation goes from what was in the mail, have you heard from the boys (both are overseas) to what's for dinner. No bills in the mail, Sue has heard from the boys and it doesn't matter what's for dinner because I'm never disappointed.

I'll let Sue tell you what was Monday's night meal in front of the telly while watching Australia's Master Chef.
Over to you Sue.
Easy peasy Monday night. Nothing easier than risotto.
So, Leon loves mushrooms and I love quail.
Mushroom risotto with local fresh mushrooms and reconstituted porcini. I used the liquid from the porcini along with chicken stock in the risotto.
The quail were butterflied so not too many bones, and were marinated in paprika and garlic.(Thanks supermarket). I cooked them for about 3 minutes each side on a very hot char grill.
All good. 30 minutes go to wo.

Try that out Jamie

This is what I call my Rick Stein photo coz I like watching his DVDs. He prepares and cooks a meal and to show how everyone has enjoyed the meal, he shows an empty plate.
Can you see how much I enjoyed Sue's Monday night's dinner?
OK - the Cook doesn't wash so I have go now and clean-up....
Anyone for coffee and port?

I wonder what Tuesday's dinner will be?


  1. Sue loves to cook and you love to eat. That makes for a very happy couple (and invited guests as well). As you wrote, I am sure that dinner at home never disappoints.
    But, Sue, have you ever had disappointments with a recipe that you thought was going to be wonderful and didn't pan out the way it read? And I know that even great chefs have "off" days sometimes.

  2. We're big fans of risotto too - we make a risotto every couple of weeks. This dish looks lovely - I can almost taste it.
    I very much look forward to dining with you both as the week progresses!

  3. Oh Nadege, absolutely. Who hasn't had disappointments. Cakes can become puddings, and caramelised mean somewhat burnt. Í also have a bad habit of doing something in the microwave, forgetting to put that element on the plate and finding the sad beans, or asparagus or whatever in the machine the next day. Usually when someone's over for dinner and I've had a couple of glasses of wine before I dish up:-)
    Thanks Craig, the pressures on! Nah, not really. When Leon wanted to do this I said no fancy nancy stuff. Just dinner!


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