Friday, August 23, 2013

Champagne Friday and Home Made Pizza

Champagne Friday - there it was when I walked in the door, the customary glass of champagne to welcome the start the weekend. It was a hurried glass of champagne and dinner as well.
For those that have been following the blog this week, I hoodwinked Sue into posting this weeks dinners. It just that I'm so proud of what she can bring out of the kitchen and on to the table. I remember once when our son Mitchell said there's nothing to eat in this house. All I can find is ingredients.
That's the way its always been. No packaged dinners. no bottles of coca cola or choc coated breakfast cereals in our house - just ingredients.

We had a function to attend tonight and so dinner would need to be something quick and simple. Sue can hardly bear to order in even though tonight might have been one of those times. Order Pizza maybe!

But no!!! She had to make her own, from the crust up.

This is a simple yeast dough. Before I got RA I used to make all the bread for the family, so I could just about do this with my eyes shut.
Yup, that's it.
Ooh, yuk, this looks pretty washed out, Leon.
It's green tiger prawns, prosciutto and bocconcini on a tomato base with a little chilli. No garlic, cos we had to go out and breathe on people.
That's because these are just iPhone photos Sue!!
The finished article.
Leon made a pig of himself :-)
Hm mm I guess i did, didn't I?
 Looking forward to our weekend. It starts with a morning ride with my mates, that is unless its raining and if it is, then its straight into the bedroom renovation. Tell you more about that Sunday night.
Havagood1 all


  1. Spoiled, again! This reminds me to ask : what do Australians eat for breakfast? I think we ate eggs and cereals when we were Down Under (the usual american fair)! What do you guys eat?

  2. Nothing like a home made pizza, I go with Sue all the way with this one, yum yum. Went out on my bike this morning, must get back to it but a bit late in the year now!! Diane

  3. The prawns certainly pinked up when cooked.
    I like that bit about Mitch complaining that the kitchen contained nothing but ingredients. I can remember when that's what a good kitchen held: ingredients, with nothing to snack on but fresh fruit or carrots or celery and cheese.
    I used to make bread, too. Years of chronic pain have left me pretty much useless in the kitchen but there was a time when I loved to have dinner parties. Sigh.
    I've enjoyed looking at your dinners, you two, and following your son's travels abroad. I love the fact that he left the Canadian title on his blog! Makes me laugh.

  4. Hey Nadege. Toast and vegemite of course! That would be my breakfast most days.
    Usually toast or cereal, with a cooked breakfast on weekends maybe. It's very popular in our part of the world to go out for breakfast on a Sunday morning, and the cafes have all sorts of yummy things. My fav is corn fritters with avocado! Yummy.

  5. Diane I would have thought it was still warm where you are.

  6. Sorry Diane, post stopped working. I was going to say that the weather would NEVER be right for me to go out early in the morning! Ha.

  7. Kay, Mitch's blogs have me alternately laughing and gasping in horror. But he does write well.
    Sorry to hear you have pain issues. It certainly makes everything you do that much harder.

  8. Aargh!!! Post stopped responding again. I think it might be cos I'm doing it on a tablet.
    Anyhow, Kaye, when Mitch said there was nothing but ingredients, I told him that was why he should learn to he did. Good huh?

  9. I can't say no to pizza, especially a good home-made one! Nice combo of toppings. :)


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