Sunday, August 11, 2013


It's a well known fact that Melbourne is the coffee snob capital of Australia, 
if not the world. 

France doesn't know how to make coffee, but they do make great bread. Italy, well not bad for Espresso but the US - don't even let me start on that!!!! Their coffee houses are just an extension of their fast food outlets - would you like to upsize that?????
Sorry to upset any American readers but we have admitted to being Coffee Snobs earlier.

It was Sunday arvo when Sue and I felt like a coffee so we rang our good friends Denise and Darren.
Darren would reign supreme as Melbourne's biggest coffee snob however our friend Ellen comes a close second. I've seen Ellen almost get into fist fights about bad coffee.

Darren has his own machine and grinds the beans to suit his addiction. Now I'm not one to cause trouble but, it's a little over the top to spend as much on a coffee machine as you would spend on a good second hand car. OMG he makes great coffee so when in the area, a quick phone call to Darren ensures one of the best coffees in Melbourne.

Sue and I love our  long Macchiato. 

Do you know, we have not had an instant coffee since - I can't remember when. If offered one I usually request a glass of water instead. I'm sure that qualifies me as a "Coffee Snob"..........................

Just as an added note - Darren and I also enjoy the perfect Pinot Noir - not sure if we've found it yet but we keep trying.

If you would like to know more about the types of coffee - try Wikipedia for a concise list - we have them all in Melbourne and heaps of Cafe's that can make them for you.

Post written with tongue in cheek while having a coffee (not instant) with Sue after dinner.


  1. I ithink it is common knowledge that Australia has the best coffee. I am lucky as I don't like coffee. Like for my first cigarette, I thought coffee was horrible when I first tried it when I was a teen but put sugar in it, and it is a different ballgame. I'd rather save the empty calories on something I can chew on.

    1. Nadege,
      Has our reputation for great coffee travel the world?

    2. Yes it has, just because I know a lot of Aussies (and I have to believe what they say is true) and also because David Lebovitz and other blogs proclaim that Australian coffee is the best. I've been to Australia few times but never tasted the coffee since I don't care for it but like Martine wrote, I love the aroma and I can eat coffee flavored deserts.

  2. Nothing wrong with being a coffee snob at all. I'm one too I think.
    I can't and won't drink instant coffee - it tastes foul.
    I also agree about the brown water they serve in the USA. I don't like Starbucks either - it always tastes bitter to me.
    We invested in a bean to cup Jura Z7 two years ago and it's absolutely awesome.
    Not quite the price of a car, but not that far away! We ordered it from Germany as it was much less expensive there than in the UK.

    1. Craig,
      Let's not call you a Coffee Snob - how does a "Man of Discerning Tastes" sound.

  3. I spent three weeks with my son and daughter in law in San Francisco in July, a very beautiful city, on a beautiful bay, with perfect weather. Even the vineyards close by (Napa Valley) were gorgeous! So I can confidently say we had a fantastic holiday,..... except for my daily espresso coffees (two per day) :( What a tragedy :(

    1. Hels,
      They live there? What part, I spent three months in the summer of 79 competing on the bike at Berkeley, San Jose, Davis and at Lake Tahoe and LA. Loves SF much nicer than LA.

  4. I'm not a coffee person myself. In fact, I hate the stuff, it tastes bitter and makes me thirsty. Moreover, it gives me heart-burn. Having said that, I do appreciate the aroma of a well-made cup of freshly ground coffee ... especially in the morning. So I can very well imagine somebody becoming a 'coffee snob'. Although the two of you don't come over as snobs ... on the contrary! So keep enjoying that coffee of yours. ;) Martine

    1. Martine,
      We have been reading your posts on the Loire get together and feeling
      NGO rather left out that we couldn't be there but when next in France we have to meet somehow.

  5. So what do you drink while in France? Oh, silly me. Wine. It's good for breakfast!

    My fancy Italian espresso machine lost a bit of tubing and I've never been able to replace it. So we're on automatic drip, plunger pot, or the simple Italian stove-top model these days.

    1. Great to hear from you Walt - Any coffee made at home other than instant is a plus.
      Sue and I out for dinner tonight for Thai - maybe post that for Friday. Its a regular Wed nite thing.
      Best to you and Ken

  6. Strewth Leon, you had to use a shot of me with quadruple chins!
    Thanks dude.
    The one thing I have learned on my coffee journey walt is that the equipment to make the coffee matters less than the grinder you use. I also use a little stove top unit which can make a great coffee as long as you don't overheat it. Having a good grinder and grinding just enough for the current coffee is the key to a lovely, well rounded coffee (or so I was taught).


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