Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Love Living in this Restaurant

When Leon first talked about doing this thing, a weeks food, I said, yeah sure, no problem.
I thought it would be one of his weekly Sunday night blogs, but, no...not Leon's way.
Anyhow, this is it, for better or worse. 

Felt like red meat tonight. So lamb back-straps. They are the loin without the bone. Pretty expensive, but hey...no huge meat eating kids here at the moment. Oh....so sad to tell the truth. One is in Berlin, one is in Goa, India. Still, eating here is cheap right now!

The lamb was marinated for about 20 minutes in rosemary leaves, garlic, honey, salt and red wine.
Dried it off. Heated a pan till smoking then put the lamb in. Two minutes each side, then added marinade, cooked till liquid reduced by about half - then off heat, lid on and rest it for ten minutes. Pink and good. That's why the full description. Tell me if it's too much. I know it's not a cooking blog.

Served on a cauliflower puree (anyone want the recipe let me know:) ) crispy potatoes and sauteed brussel sprouts. (Leon's favs)

Don't often do dessert during the week, but I saw an interesting way to serve poached pears and thought I would have a play before I inflicted it on guests.
Nice, but next time will be heaps better in presentation.

Hey Nadage are you there?! This one's for you. Please note the "caramelised" edge to the tart. It caramelised more than I expected while I was somewhere else, doing something else. As you do, if you are human.

Anyhow, that's Tuesday done and dusted.

Its me here now - Leon, remember me. Gosh, I think she's taking over now. Melbourne our Home looks like becoming Sue's cooking blog if I'm not careful. Do me a favour - let your readers know about Sue's cooking prowess, it might encourage her to do more.
So who's a proud husband then?

We are out tomorrow night at a family Italian restaurant down the road a piece so we'll give you a review but I know I'll be sadly disappointed not eating at home.


  1. Oh, Sue, how talented you are. It's been years since I've had the energy to make a beautiful meal. When your husband is disappointed because he isn't eating your cooking, you know you are a chef and not just a cook!
    Everything looks so delicious. My mother always told me a meal that looks good will taste twice as good as one that's thrown together, even if the ingredients are the same.

    1. Thanks Kay, I agree with your mum. Just a home cook though. But a keen one.

  2. We only had scrambled egg for lunch because an anti-cooking mood came down upon me mid morning, so would have joyfully partaken of your meal as well. Vx

    1. I get your anti cooking mood. Comes over me at times as well. I don't even do scrambled eggs then!
      Would like to try your sausages though.

  3. I've never heard of lamb back straps. But they look very good indeed - perfectly pink. The pear looks lovely.
    I'm with Leon. I love sprouts - I have some in my garden and hoping for a bumper crop!

    1. Craig, backstraps have only been in the shops here for maybe 5 to 10 years. They are just the loin minus bone. Very good though! I love the thought of picking fresh veg from the garden. Good on you.

  4. I would love the cauliflower recipe, please!
    What a beautiful meal you had and dessert looks like it came from a 4 star restaurant.
    Sue, I saw a very easy recipe on Facebook yesterday. When in season for you, take fresh figs, slice down in the middle and feel with ricotta cheese and drizzle with honey. How easy is that?
    Have a wonderful time at the restaurant tomorrow evening! You deserve a break, or let Leon cook!

    1. Nadege, the cauliflower recipe is from a very good restaurant in Melbourne called Mo Vida. Basically you just cook the cauliflower in milk with a knob of butter, a clove of garlic and salt before blitzing it in a blender with as much of the milk as needed to get the right consistency. Truly good. Add a little more milk and it's soup! How good is that? The milk keeps it very white.
      Yum figs....roll on summer. I do that with figs. Also good wrapped in proscuitto and drizzled with honey. Yum, figs.
      Just for your information alone.....sshhhh...Leon cooks....no one eats!

    2. But Leon can make great coffee!!! Thank you so much for the cauliflower recipe.

  5. that sounds an amazing meal to me, bet the restaurant cannot beat that! Have a good day you two. Diane

    1. Thanks Diane, how about you and Nigel coming over to join us for a meal or two?


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