Sunday, May 14, 2017

Past Trentham Postcards

I'm doing some research on the early history of Trentham and found these photos on the internet.
I suspect that the population was far great than it is today in a little village.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

French Connection in Trentham

My friend in Trentham also has a passion for all things French as Sue and I have. He and his wife have travelled to France and love the lifestyle. His passion in automotive engineering steers towards French cars and bikes. He owns 4 French VeloSolex 49cc bikes, a Citroen 2CV and now 2 Amilcars.

Nice to find like minded people within our Trentham Village.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Autumn in Trentham

We went for breakfast in the village this morning and I could not resist taking a photo on my iPhone of my favourite Porsche. I will never have the opportunity of owning one of these but I can always look. This same philosophy applies in other aspects of life however Sue tells me I must not touch....

Being in the middle of Autumn, Trentham streets are full of leaves - its a magic time of the year when the trees are full of red/orange/yellow and the leaves give the streets a carpet of the autumn colours.

It was also ANZAC day today when we pay respect to our servicemen - in Trentham we had a dawn service with 200 people attending to pay respect for our fallen soldiers. Later in the morning, there was a march of those in the district and a small talk by one of our respected locals to give tribute.
For us it was the first time we experienced this ceremony but just maybe, this is what a small community like ours brings into your life.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Maybe the Grand Poobah

In actual fact its the grand Poo Bar. Up here in the Central Highlands there is a demand for various types of Poo. Now with our short period of being in the district, we still have much to learn.
I didn't know that various degrees of Poo bring various prices. Why is it that horse poo is only 50c per bag? It comes in dollops where $1.00 bags of sheep poo is in little pellets. As for alpaca poo, I have no argument to offer for the extravagance of $2.00 per bag.
In my mine, they all eat the same grass - sure, I understand that it comes out the other end in various shapes but surely its the same thing when you spread it on the garden.
Maybe more experienced readers out there can explain this strange occurrence to me.
And more importantly - is the alpaca really the grand poobah of Charlie and Harry's Poo Bar.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fernery and Sheds

We are really getting into the gardening thing here with the house. Never been much of a gardener however with retirement, a new home and advice from locals whom have experienced the past climatic conditions, we are grateful for their input. Hopefully over the next few years the garden will grow in to the paradise we have the aspirations for.

I recently erected a shed to store all our gardening implements - it is in an unobtrusive area where we hope also establish a veggie garden very soon. Autumn here is sending our Japanese Maples all shades of the season and bring delight to our glass of wine as we sit on the back alfresco thinking how fortunate we made this rural tree change. Our magpie pets come to join us and take food from our hand while we sip another glass of wine.

These guys will look fantastic over the next few years - we've planted three additional Japanese Maples with leaves that turn red, and orange in Autumn. What a great time of the year.
This small area we will cultivate with a mass of ground cover.
This is my personal project of a Fernery. I love ferns and found this area under overhanging trees which will produce the fernery's own micro-climate. Will let you know how it all works out, this time next year. 
Only over the Easter person we finally erected our tin garden/storage shed. It will help take the items that have been stored on our outdoor al-fresco area. I had a 3x4m concrete slab poured for my 3x3m shed however I know I'll need more space later. The larger slab will allow for that growth with the extension.