Sunday, December 11, 2016

Luxembourg Jardine 2012

Just something to fill a spot for our next adventure in Trentham. 

Not long to go now. 

But until then, some photos of our life in France.

A place we were in 2012 of Sue's 60th.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Other than some pathetic reason, we will pick up to the keys to our new HOME.... We start now start to calling it a home - not a house.

Sunday, December 04, 2016


It's been a very interesting November. We had aspirations of moving our belongings into the new home by now but certain tradies have let our builder (and us) down. I'd have to say we lost two weeks or more due to the stupidy of the Plumbers. They must rank on the high scale of dumbness that you could expect. They installed the mixer over the vanity basins and so the actual tap would have emptied water over the bench top. Doh!!!!
So then the Plasterer, Tiler and Painter had to return to fix the damage he left behind.
To add insult to injury, the full length vanity mirror due to a small wave in the tiling would not fit.

Our splash backs were damaged in transit we were told and so they needed to be remade, still yet to be installed.
Should our final walk thru be as re-scheduled on this Tuesday afternoon, there maybe between one to two weeks before handover which will make it December 20 - ouch!!!! Not a good time to move pre-Xmas but I guess we just have to live with it.

Having had our little grumble, the whole building experience has not been as traumatic as some of the tales we have heard. Ours is basically a time issue as our building supervisor has actually been very good despite having to deal with all the various Tradies.

All the floor coverings are now installed - this is our entrance hall looking to the front door.
The first opening to the right is the study/library. The second opening is a sort of foyer to our bedroom, and ensuite.
Study/Library: Not sure where the desk goes as yet or the bookshelves - all part of the fun.
This is the foyer leading to the bedroom, ensuite and dressing room. That  piece of green on the floor is the large vanity mirror that didn't fit.
Our bedroom window looks out to the hedged conifers giving us complete privacy.
The walk-in robe - dressing room was only carpeted last week due to a hitch with someone not ordering enough. 
Finally there will be room for all of Sue's Shoes.
Looking from the windows of the master bedroom, we can see the en-suite and to the right is the dressing room and then to the left is the shower and toilet. That little alcove was to be a bath but we turned it around and now it becomes Sue's reading nook for a 1.5 comfy seat, ottoman and reading lamp. And I have the Study.
We are really pleased now that the flooring is down in the kitchen, dining, family areas.
The pendant 3 lights illuminate the huge bench that Sue wanted.
Now we are looking from the back wall of the family/living area towards the kitchen. To Sue, the kitchen is the lifeblood of the house where she cooks for family and friends. 
Now looking from behind the island bench to the living area with the long rectangular  window.
This wall will house the TV and book shelves. Note the white power point on the island bench. Sue had both power points and USB ports so the iPad and phone could be on charge close by. She uses her iPad for recipes.
This time we look towards the dining area - it will all make sense once we move our furniture in.

You may giggle when we say we downsized but we reduced the plan from a 4 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom by taking up the space to convert the Alfresco area to an L-Shape. This is where we will do much of our warmer months entertaining. BBQ - Pizza Oven - outdoor furniture.
We'll let you know how it goes later in the week with the walk-thru.....Fingers crossed???? 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Walk down Edgecombe Road

A week ago I had to drop the car off for some work and had to walk home - not much more than 2 kms. Driving a car you miss so much, riding a bike you absorb a little more but walking - yes, that takes in the sights, the sounds, the smells and you take in your surroundings much more.

This day was one of those days - Edgecombe Road is one of those heritage streets of Kyneton. It has many homes that date in the late 1800s. I won't say a great deal more as I don't know a great deal more than I enjoyed the walk and plan to more into the future.

I wonder what hidden delights these driveways to the heritage homes of Edgecombe Road lead to?
Wouldn't you like to see the interiors with I would imagine are some examples of the past.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our House

Its now getting close - we haven't reported much on the house recently due to it being at lock-up stage. Naturally we can't get in unless with the Building Supervisor but only last Thursday we had a walk-thru to see much had been done since our last viewing. There have been a few minor dramas along the way but those have been rectified rather quickly.

Sue's Kitchen and my Butler's Pantry are just about completed, the electrical and plumbing are finished and its now down to floor coverings and final touch up and clean up. We are hoping for move in within the next three weeks.

Sue's kitchen has double electric ovens with LPG gas cook top. The range-hood sits neatly above the cook top. Behind the cook top will be an easy clean glass splash back. There actually three hanging lights over the huge stone island bench.

There's plenty of storage either side of the ovens and cook top for all of Sue's pots and pans.

This is where I am banished to. The Butler's Pantry has a double sink, dish washer, micro wave on this side.

On the other side is more storage below a stone bench top (still to come). Note all the double power points - 3 in total.
All of Sue's appliances will sit on the bench ready for preparation.

Except for the bedrooms, study and lounge room which will be carpeted, the rest of the house will have this bamboo tongue and groove flooring. The colour really works well with the light grey walls.

The big surprise to us on Thursday was to see the Alfresco area being concreted. This is an L-shaped area and all under cover with 2 fans situated in both areas for air movement on the hot summer nights.

We expect that on Monday, the driveway will concreted. I'm taking this photo from inside the double car garage.
So where are we now. As Christmas is looming, we hope to be moving our belongings into the house "at the latest", second week of December. It will be interesting times over the next three weeks.