Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bad Food - Bad Photos

Now I'm not one to say I told you so but, I told you so!!!!
I live in the best restaurant. Sue hates me saying that!

We picked up a pair of bedside tables for our (my) bedroom project down the road apiece. Many years ago in Frankston, we took our boys on a regular basis to an Italian restaurant. Sometimes memories should be left as just that. Why? Well coz we were totally disappointed. You have to ask yourself that after 20 years, has the restaurant gone downhill or have our expectations risen with age? You tell us.

But firstly let me apologise for my bad photos - I had to sneak out the iPhone and not feel embarrassed.

We really have had some good memories with our two young boys in the 80s and 90s.

Possibly Bruscetta!!!

I really hate the way Leon talks about my cooking. while it is, of course, very flattering, I am a home cook. That's it.      But, tonight was a disappointment.
Started with a tomato bruscetta. Or so they said. Fridge cold pieces of tomato bullets, no garlic flavour. In fact no flavour at all. Sad. Not hard. Italian restaurant for buddhas sake!
My flounder looked good, tasted ordinary. Had been frozen.
Leon's steak was dry and stringy he said.
The company was good though. And when we got home, Leon made delicious coffee.

OK, a bad photo but it meets the standard of the meal. My steak had a nice flavour but it was a little past med/rare and the veggies were a little bit like "Light and Easy". (Leon)
At 3.30 pm tomorrow at my desk at work, I'll be ringing Sue and asking what is for dinner tonight.


  1. Maybe the chef was away on vacation and someone else was cooking!

  2. Yes, it was probably the chef's spouse! LOL

    1. You may have got in one Kay but tonight's meal made up for it


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