Sunday, August 25, 2013

Look Through Any Window

Last week we did the Foodie Thing based on Sue's passion of cooking - yes, I know how fortunate I am but she does have a very enthusiastic guinea pig to work with.

This week I have this concept based on the Hollies song - "Look through any window". I heard it on the radio today when I was thinking of what to post for the weekend. Does this happen to you?

Most of my weekend was spent on the bedroom renovation, remember the bathroom saga, well that's finished. Most of the undercoating is 75% done in the bedroom now. The hardest part is preparing the timber work, especially the lap-sash windows. I've sanded all the timber and now done two layers of undercoat. The walls down from the timber picture rail are also undercoated but I still need to do the ceiling next weekend - I'm excited!!!!!


  1. The windows look beautiful! Well worth the elbow grease!

    1. We bought our house in the early 1980s and painted the out side three times. The inside has gone through a few colour changes as well and we extended abot 20 years ago so the house has been a work in progress. I think this latest spruce up will be our last before we sell up.


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