Sunday, September 01, 2013

Spring comes to Mentone

End of August - the start of September and Spring - life is good.
The sun is shining - our first BBQ and possums in the garden.

Actually no pedal pushing this weekend - spending time with my daughter.
Doesn't the jasmine look great and the perfume - spring is here.
My lovely daughter is down from Queensland to visit for a long weekend and Sue's brother joined us for the BBQ. 20+ degrees. just perfect. It's good to be in Melbourne today.
The garden is starting to bloom, not to mention the weeds.

Limes are growing - a sure sign of spring.
Maybe the Jacaranda will start adding purple to the back yard soon.
Lavender and Wisteria are showing their colours in the front garden.
Just outside the bedroom window - red hits us in the face.
Just a quiet family BBQ with Sue, daughter Carly and the Bro-in law, John.
The possums came to join us for a spring evening BBQ.
Mum and baby possum. Taken by bro in-law John.
We did get a few hours in on both days to continue with the bedroom renovation.
This one is for a retired Blogger Craig who said he'd pop in from time to time.
Not as intensive as the bathroom saga but it does take up relaxation time on weekends.
Back to work tomorrow.
How was your weekend?


  1. Your possums are so cute. Our North American "o"possums are different looking and not as pretty but I appreciate them for eating snails and grubs...
    The bedroom is looking really good. Glad you had a good barbecue with your family. I think your weather is probably the same kind as ours.
    It has been humid here in So-Cal. Not fun as we are not used to it at all. We've had flash floods in the desert but nothing along the coast. A bit of rain would be so wonderful!

    1. So-Cal does seem to get some extremes and my past experiences in 79 were of very hot july but we were only there for one week before we returned to SF which I loved in the 3 months I lived there

  2. I know lots of people don't enjoy boiling hot weather (37c or nore) and almost no-0ne tolerates cold weather (14c or less) either. But there is something magical about the in between seasons. People walk their dogs more, the gardens are greener, the blossoms emerge, the birds sing and meals outside look more inviting.

    Your flowers are starting to look gorgeous!

    1. Hels, you are so spot on. Our travels are always spring/autumn. It is the best seasons when plant bud or when the colurs of autumn arrive - all good.

  3. Love those possums, and don't mind that you are going into your warmer weather as we sliding away from ours because we are tired of the endless days of hot weather, and would like cool down days so we can get things done!

    1. A very early spring day of 26 tomorrow in Melbourne however we never become complacent. Crowded House wrot a song call 4 Seasons in One Day. I think they had Melbourne in mind. I kno we don't comment often Vera but we do enjoy reading about your life.

  4. As you warm up, we cool down and oh how I hate winter!! Have a good week Diane

    1. Diane - It's the way of seasons and of life - lets hope they continue rolling by for many more years.


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