Sunday, September 29, 2013

One Man's Rubbish is another Man's Treasure

It's been happening for a couple of weeks now - people are putting their rubbish out for the annual hard rubbish collection. Scavengers are lurking the neighbourhood streets in search of treasure.

Our hard rubbish consists of two "cat scratched" couches. Our poor departed Rosie refused to use the cat scratching post. She waited till we went to bed and then started to work on our couches.

There are a few chairs out there as well. My brother in-law found them on the hard rubbish many years ago and with our house sprucing, we don't need them any longer so maybe they'll be recycled by a scavenger.

By leaving our hard rubbish late to put out, it stays neat.
Our neighbour across the road started early and the scavengers picked what they wanted and left their neat stacks terribly untidy.
Our next door neighbour has no hard rubbish but then they have always been very neat.


  1. You never know when you will find your treasure in other peoples' hard rubbish!

    I went to dog training classes and they said our puppy had to sleep in a baby's cot with high sides and a mattress. Where on earth would I find a cot?? Then, on the way home from the class, there was a cot in front of someone's home. In perfect condition!

  2. Sounds like a moment meant to be Hels.

  3. It always amazes me the junk that sells at the Bric a Brack sales. You are right , one man's rubbish is another man's treasure. Hope your weekend was a good one. Diane

    1. I spent the weekend working on the bedroom - not far off now.
      Feeling very pleased with myself.


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