Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Leading you up the garden path to a purple patch

Its back - spring purple patches all over our garden. Well I call it a garden but really it's just a hotch potch of whatever survives. It seems that purple survives very well in our jungle. In the front we have lavender, wisteria and blue bells (that really are purple). Neither of us have green thumbs. 
These photos were taken on my iPhone as I left for work this morning.
A Melbourne Spring Morning

Lavender is poking out of the soil and cracks in the garden path.
Wisteria is now climbing our walls after being savagely cut back by our gardner son, Mitchy.

Why call them blue-bells if they are purple or did I get that wrong?

How about a bit of Purple Haze by the 2 Cellos


  1. I LOVE lavender all over the garden! It looks ok, smells wonderful and is totally useful. Put lavender flowers into small, slightly porous bags and place the bags in your shoe cupboard.

    1. Hels,
      Sue never puts her shoes in the wardrobe - they are all over the house and I trip over them. Its one of those distractions between husbands and wives...............

  2. Just enjoyed a catch up here, love the purple haze. :)

    1. HI LL,
      Really glad to hear from you.
      Hope you are doing OK and know you are having some challenging times.
      Please feel free to catch up with us leonsims@optusnet.com.au as we will be in Italy October next year.
      Leon and Sue

    2. Thanks so much it would be lovely to meet up with you both if we happen to be in Italy at the same time next year. I know we will keep in touch via the well known social media network but I will keep a note of your email address.:)

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  4. I love the 2 cellos.
    Saw them live last year at an Elton John concert, they were fantastic.


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