Sunday, September 22, 2013

From Empty Nesters to a Full House

From empty nesters to a full house in December - Our two boys will be home from overseas. Andrew has beem in the UK and other places for two years. Mitchy took off for India and South America and both will be back home in late November/early December. So from just the two of us, we'll be five soon

Just got off the phone to Jack, he's my Dad - a regular feature of the blog. He's visiting in December to come to what he calls the Boozy-do. Its a meeting of old bike riders. If he never won a bike race (but he did) in his life, he's winning the race of his life because he's the oldest bloke there. Recently I've been filling his chair for him but I feel like a youngster although his old mates make me feel welcome.

As you may know I've been painting our bedroom and I'll expect that I will complete it next weekend. Next project is too do the study (or 4th bedroom) before Jack comes down from the Gold Coast.
The great thing about his visit is that he'll spend time with our two boys, Andy and Mitchy, his grandsons.
Jack also has a great grandchild so he's doing OK.

Jack with Andy - He's studying in Leeds and will be back home soon. Andy is the academic in the family , just like his mum Sue.
Jack with Mitchy - Mitchy is in Peru or somewhere in South America.
You can read his blog on our sidebar on our post.
Jack and me. He's doing his Leonard Cohen impersonation.
Probably sings as bad as Leonard. 
How many of us live to be a great grandfather - go Jack.
Sorry my post is short but its been a very busy weekend. Hope yours has bee a little more relaxing.
PS: We are also planning our next overseas trip to Italy and France at the end of September next year.
More to come on that soon.


  1. Bet you are looking forward to Christmas, sounds like it will be fun. Then you return to France next year :-))))) Have a good week. Diane

  2. Christmas and December will be a real family thing - as it should be.
    When we do return to France, you and Nigel are on our "Victim" list to share a bottle of wine.
    We've booked our lease car BTW


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