Sunday, September 19, 2010

It all started from a Filum night

Friday Night & the Filum Thing

I saw this when I was 14, didn't like the Beatles all that much (a bit of a Stones fan really) but the girlfriend at the time loved the Beatles - didn't they all???

Click on the link for a 10 minute clip.

Getting together with our cycling friends, we enjoyed an hilarious "Filum night". That's what our hosts, Perce (his nick name) and Miss Glenda (hers) call it, yes Filum. It comes from the Aussie accent for Film, but you guessed that already, didn't you?
They put on a regular Filum night every month or so and this one was the Beatles, Hard Day's Night. I was probably 14 when this came out and I still remember it well', having seen it several times now. A few of the people dressed up for it but had their decades mixed up. Dressed as hippies, they confused the 60s with the 70s. Poor young things.

Bob and Jenny had the era right, that's what we wore, thin ties and suits.
And the ladies really enjoyed themselves but openly admitted they had never seen the Filum before.

Saturday Night
Yes, you guessed it - cooking time.
Flicking through her Delicious magazines, Sue asked, "What will we have for dinner?" "Hmmmm", I said, "What about a pork thing".

It all starts with Sue flicking through cooking books and magazines.
My job is chopping stuff up - oh, yes and cleaning up the mess afterwards. Sue what are these herbs?
 Garlic, sage and rosemary.
Porcini mushrooms being reconstituted.
Lots of porcini mushrooms (about 15gms) and the water is used later in the dish.
The pork scotch fillet is browned all over in butter.
Whats this Sue?
 A cartouche of damp baking paper is placed over the pan to help keep it moist, but still allow the sauce to reduce. The sauce has about 600ml of red wine and 250ml of the mushroom water. The pork was seasoned well with salt and pepper before browning.
Yum.  Yep, yum and resting
The end result.
Took about 80 minutes all together. Very rich, and complemented well with creamy, soft polenta.


  1. 'Filum' is also very South African, it took me a while to know what they were talking about :-) Wish I had been at supper last night. Diane

  2. The girl is good isn't she. Having finished 5 weeks of relief teaching, she's turned her talents back to the kitchen with a promise of cooking never cooked by her before meals this week.


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