Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mellow Yellow

This week has been a mellow yellow week with spring sprouting yellow every where I go.
It brought back memories of Donovan Lietch's Mellow Yellow. I was a bit of a Donovan fan back in the 60s. Think I might listen the Album again - now where is my turntable?

Donovan's 60s album cover - Mellow Yellow

As I came off the freeway I was hit with yellow flowers by the roadside.
And then as I drove to the office/warehouse the wattle trees were covered in yellow blossom.

Even the car park at work was yelling yellow at me.

And as I walked thru the front doors, I'm confronted by yellow again.
But it was Friday and we were about to embark on a weekend. What would our two days of rest offer. Sue is retired but she has recently employed as a relief teacher - it helps with our passion for travel.
Her form of relaxation is to invite friends for dinner and cook up a storm - mine is to ride my bike.
This weekend we both satisfied our passions. Sue invited friends Denise and Darren around for Pizza. They thought it would be "order in", but no, not with Sue. She loves to prepare her own from making the Pizza base to adding lots of great fillings.
Sue makes the pizza dough.
The ingredients - mushroom, pumpkin, peppers, zucchini and tomato with more to come.

Add some prosciutto, spinach, artichoke hearts covered with grated cheese.
And out of the oven ready to devour.

Sue's simple easy to prepare pizza with good company and good wine. Just a casual Saturday night.
My personal weekend was highlighted by being inducted into the Bayside Bandido, mid-life cycling gang's Lycra Legend select group. Now I need to say that this is a very select group of cyclist, we are all 60 plus.

My new Lycra Legends jersey.
This link to the Lycra Legend celebrations
And the close-up.
And that was our weekend - tell us about yours???


  1. My weekend is nothing like yours so far. I love the yellow pictures. The wattle tree is beautiful. They have the kind that is very fragrant in the South of France (mimosa).

  2. I fancy that cyling shirt, but then I also fancy my Credit Agricole shirt which is the closest I will ever come to looking like a TDF cyclist:-))) I did not cycle today and glad I didn't, it sounded like the hunters were out in force as the guns were in constant use, very noisy!! It is that time of the year!!

    That Pizza looks very yummy. Diane

  3. Nadege - We never really know what the weekends have in store for us but they tend to get busy. I've discovered that the Mimosa is part of the Wattle tree family and found in Australia.

    Do you have any cycling friends in your neck of the woods to ride with.
    Did you know that we've had a few Aussies ride with CA in the past?


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