Thursday, September 16, 2010

Funky Friday Foto

I have no idea what the concept behind this reclining lady is - All I know is that she is there every morning that I'm riding on Beach Road for our 6.00 am ride. I've always been intrigued by her voluptuous curves and flowing hair.
I'm not sure if she is swimming or sun baking, what do you think?

Any way, I digress. I'd been at my chiropractor to see if he could ease the ache in my lower back that I've had for the last month. I think he may have done the trick.
On the way home in the car, I saw my voluptuous reclining lady all lit up by the spotlights and thought I should introduce myself.
On closer inspection she is even more gorgeous than I imagined from my fleeting glimpses as we pedal furiously pass - well it is down hill.

I'm glad I stopped as she really is a nice piece of sculpture.

I hit the lady with the full flash, isn't she gorgeous?

Then I thought I might cancel out the flash and use what available light there was.

In the backgound you can see the lights of the homes further around the bay.


  1. Leon, your photos serve the floating woman beautifully. I love this sculpture. I often wonder if you are meant to view her from afar, with the ocean behind her, to accentuate the floating sensation and imagery?

  2. You enlighten my world young lady - now I can see my voluptuous floating lady in a new light, and even daylight for that matter.
    Great to hear from you - howz the training and Mr Peter?

  3. Strewth you two. Enough of the arty farty stuff. I just reckon she's hot. Pure and simple.


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