Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ostia Antica

Looking through our photographs of Ostia Antica makes us realize that this place was one of the highlights of our time in Rome. Well, maybe not in Rome as it is near da Vinci airport where we left the car.
My friend Bob told me about it as he was there on an earlier trip in Rome. I’m glad we took his advice.
Getting back to the airport though was a drama in itself. We booked a shuttle bus to pick us up from Campo di Fiori at 7.30 am. The night before we were all packed and ready to settle for our week in Toscana. Andrew, our then 20 year old son decided he would get one last look at Rome that night. He didn’t return until 2.30 am and obviously with a skin full. This had Sue in a total state of panic.
7.30 am we are in the shuttle bus with Andrew totally asleep and smelling of all sorts of alcohol when we discover that our driver’s name is Fangio – Well, he thought so!!!!!
Imagine being driven by a crazy Italian talking on two mobile phones (not hands free) doing 100kph while actually being hands free on the steering wheel at times. Very, very scary.
Aah, back into our own car and off to Ostia Antica near the airport.

I can't even imagine that I'm walking down a 2000 year old road.

As we entered Ostia, before us was the original paved road where more than 2000 years ago the people of Rome’s harbor city walked. Ostia is a museum of early Roman life that you can imagine without the confines of roped off areas. There is no where you can’t walk. The ancient mosaic floors of the fish, meat and vegetable stalls are in full view. We walked amongst the buildings, climbed the steps of the amphitheatre and touched the statues. Try that at Pompeii.

And the mosaic floors are covered by autumn leaves.

Standing at the top of the Amphitheatre, I wonder how all this is still here for us to see.

Our son Andrew marvels at the Domus of Cupid and Psyche.

The statue of Cupid and Psyche

So many of the floors were in excellent condition despite being open to the elements.

This blog can't do justice to the experience of being there - too much to explain.
If you would like to know more - visit the following links below. You will be amazed.
Computer generated visual of Ostia Antica
What a wonderful way to spend a pleasant morning, but it was time to get back in the car and navigate the dreaded ring road of Rome to our one week stay in Monticchiello. This walled hilltop village in Toscana has a population of only 300 people. We shall leave you with a photograph of the country that greeted us.

Join us in Monticchiello, Tuscany


  1. It is fun to see what those cities used to look like with the help of a computer. Ostia is really beautiful.

  2. Pompeii tours are just incredible i went from here:


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