Sunday, September 05, 2010

Father's Day Dinner and other things.

I rang my father Jack to wish him a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday. He’s had a few at 89 years of age considering he was 29 when I was born. Oops, that makes me 60.

He decided a few weeks in Queensland would loosen up his bones a little so he is visiting my sister on the Gold Coast. He did say he was missing riding his bike so when he returns later next week, he said he would plan his “come-back”. He enjoys his 5 days a week at the track.
Being there he missed our torrential rain and violent winds in Melbourne this weekend. The rains brought flood warnings in the north of the state. A bit weird seeing that we have been on water restrictions for a couple of years now.
Saturday saw a new addition to the family. Sue’s new pre-loved Peugeot 307 arrived in the driveway and our youngest son, Mitchell took over the Citroen Xantia. What a Francophile family we are!

Sue's new pre-loved Pug - with her hand me down Citroen now out in the street.

Cream leather and walnut dash, how cool.
While I write this, it’s Sunday and I’ve been invited to help out in the kitchen. Earlier, Mitch asked Sue to make vanilla slices for dessert, and I have to say that I have never had better than she makes. We all love Sue’s vanilla slices.
The beginning of Sue's vanilla slices, but more later.

I was asked what I would like for a family father’s day night dinner, “hmmmmm”, I said.
On Friday night we watched Jamie Oliver in Spain cooking these beautiful pork chops stuffed with raisins, sherry and other stuff, not quite sure exactly what else but I said, “that’s what I would like Sue”.

Jamies recipe
Check it out!
So she went shopping and found the pork chops. Isn’t she sweet?

I helped the cutting stuff up and doing the mortar and pestle thing while Sue instructed me. Yes, I know, not very master chef but it was fun with a glass of wine in my other hand.

Raisins, fresh oregano from the garden, sherry. salt and pepper and a dash of olive oil. Leon loved this bit.
Cut pockets in the chops. Sue did this part, she didn't tust me.

Filling them with the raisin mix.

Pancetta cooked with red capsicum and onion and a little oil. Then add bay leaves, rosemary, and white beans. Water as well cook down for 20 or so minutes. Add spinach leaves before the end. Season at the end. Yummy.

The end...almost.

Oh, sooo yum! Our favorite, Sues home made vanilla slices.

Needless to say, my Father’s Day dinner was just magnifico.
How was your Father’s day?


  1. What a nice life you have.
    I have never heard of "vanilla slices" but it looks really good.
    I will check the pork chop recipe too.

  2. I forgot to write "Happy father's day"! Of course, it is already monday for you.

  3. The Aussie "Vanilla Slice" is similar to the French Mille Feuille, the Italian Mille Folia or in NZ the custard slice and in South Africa, the Custard slice so Wikipedia tells me. We have another name in Australia for the Vanilla slice but it's very ugly and Sue won't let me repeat it here. BTW, my WV is cakesc - weird.


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