Thursday, September 30, 2010

Funky Friday Foto

Earlier this month (16/9) I posted some pics of my "Voluptuous Water Lady" statue on our beach front.
Every night on my way home from work I pass this huge shopping complex and have always been intrigued by a group of statues at the entrance of which I can not explain the meaning. It's usually too busy in peak hour traffic to stop but last night at 9.00 pm I was able to park on the footpath. I rushed back with my little pocket Canon and quickly snapped these few pics.

Make of it, What you will...


  1. It means: get your @rse back to track dude! ;-D

    You can tell, because the dog carries the symbol of burden, otherwise known as intelligence, and is challenging the little guy beside him, who represents our secret inner selves ie track stars!

  2. oops not challenging, I meant channeling. Looks similar, but not quite.

  3. Diane - Hmmmmm is my thoughts as well.

    Lawrence - You're really wierd (its OK readers, we're friends)
    PS: I can get my @rse back to track by my back still won't follow as yet. Thanks for the encouragement though.


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