Sunday, September 26, 2010

When the Siren Sounded

Footy Final - Well not Really, yet!
On the last Saturday in September, the Grand Final of Aussie Rules Footy is held - well most years!!!!!
When the siren sounded to mark the end of the 2010 AFL Premiership final, 100,000 spectators in the hallowed stands of the MCG stood looking at each other with a look of bewilderment on their faces. Both teams, Collingwood and Saint Kilda had kicked the same amount of points. Yes, it was a draw.

Saint Kilda's jersey

Collingwood's jersey
 Unlike Soccer or other forms of team sport, the rules say they have to come back next weekend. It's happened three times in the history of the game.
I'm not big on the game myself but we were invited to join a group of good friends to watch the final. I thoroughly enjoyed what was a thrilling match and obviously a cliff hanger that resulted without a result.
Who's place next weekend?

Everyone pitched in for the spread of food which was enjoyed by all.
 See a report here.
PS: sorry about the commercial beforehand.

Just a little trivia for you from Wikipedia.
The Premiership Cup is silver (With the exception of 1996 – when a gold cup was awarded instead of the usual silver one in the AFL/VFL's 100th season) and manufactured by Cash's International at their metalworks in Frankston, Victoria. The cup was first introduced in 1959 by the VFL, and before this, the reward was a pennant known by supporters simply as "The Flag".

During the 80s and 90s I worked for the company that made the AFL Cup.
I can actually lay claim for this unique decision of the gold plated cup as it was me that suggested to the AFL manager at the time. He asked how we could make the 100 year celebration of Australian Rules Football Premiership Cup special. As I looked across his desk, I said, "we could plate it gold." And we did!
Yeah, I know, but we all have our 15 minutes of fame, so said Andy Warhol and that was mine.

Birds in the Trees on a Sunday Arvo.
I now know winter is over. Today I spent all day in the garden doing a "spring clean". It gave me a chance to become re-acquainted with my surroundings. There are times when I really enjoy getting my hands into the earth and pulling out the weeds and unwanted growth from the garden beds. Our soil is so productive that I can almost feel my fingernails growing with the soil under them.

The pink and white is back

As is the purple

And what is this - yellow and white, yes spring is back - how good is that?

To reward myself after a day's work in the garden, I sat in the back yard with a glass of wine and music from the out door speakers when I thought, I wonder if the birds are hungry.
I have a bird feeder hanging from the Jacaranda tree and I decided to celebrate spring by filling it with some bird food.
The wine went down very well in the spring sunshine as I watched the birds feed.

What a great way to end a weekend.
Hope yours was enjoyable as well.


  1. I have never managed to understand Aussie Rules Football, way beyond me. We also do not see it very often so it is difficult to keep track.

    Your garden is looking spectacular, and this makes me think I should now be heading South rather than further North:-( Diane

  2. Diane,
    I'm with you - a bit nonplussed about Aussie Rules but enjoy the pinnacle of most sports - yes the garden is coming on well with our spring. I can see many weekends on the deck with with a glass of Loire Rose.


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