Sunday, May 03, 2015

Our 3 Day Weekends

My long weekends (starting from Fridays) start with a bike ride at "our home on the bay" and it will make it difficult to leave this great area however life has many roads to follow.
It's happening - I'm starting to relax on my Fridays and Sue is noticing that I'm not logging in to my work emails or even answering the phone other than to friends.
Kyneton has a rich history of early Victoria. Bluestone was a major building material during the early gold mining days of the 1850s. Kyneton lives on tourism these days with the museums, food and wine of the local district.
Doors open and close - it depends on which you open to where life leads.

This Sunday, suggested to Sue that we should have brunch at Duck, Duck, Goose in Kyneton. Its just about 90 mins up the road. We've posted on Kyneton recently on our trips to the area in search of our future life.
Duck, Duck, Goose is in historic Piper Street, Kyneton and we were early before the tourists - most relaxing. 

Sue and our eldest son Andrew ponder on the local stores of Kyneton.

We have it mind to look at another area of Victoria soon - Beechworth. It's located at the foothills of the Victorian Alps. It is rich in wine and food produce. It's also an early gold mining region. The infamous Australian Bushranger Ned Kelly came from the area. We'll tell you more in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile it's on to the house renovations.


  1. I have a very soft spot for this part of the world.

    I lived in Bendigo for a few years and loved it. We used these years to explore every inch of gold rush history in central Victoria, in Castlemaine, Kyneton and Daylesford of course. But we also managed to spend some long weekends in more distant cities like Echuca, Beechworth and Mildura. The Victorian architecture, wherever it has been preserved, is gorgeous.

    Thanks for the memories and the link

    1. Enjoyed the read - thanks but it doesn't help where we will end up.


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