Friday, May 08, 2015

Friday Coffee

Melbourne is Coffee Culture - This morning I met my friends at 6.00 am for a ride on the bayside returning to our favorite bike shop cafe for a morning coffee and banana/walnut bread before meeting my other friends  for a 7.30 am ride down the bay to the peninsula. We returned to the same bike shop cafe fore my second cappuccino. Back home and into the shower and meeting my Chippy (carpenter) cycling friend to discuss rebuilding our front fence over an espresso. Sue and I went shopping after mid-day to the Prahran market for tonight's dinner. After dinner I made espressos for the family - so that's four coffees for the day!!!!
I still sleep soundly, but that might be the wine that counteracts the coffee.

Quail for dinner tonight - cute little fellas
Washed down with a 2009 White Box Yarra Valley Pinot Noir.
The weekend is only starting.


  1. 4 coffee's for the day Leon ... that's fine. I've purchased a little Nespresso machine & found I'm drinking way too much coffee. Still think it tastes best when enjoyed with friends in a cosy cafe.

    1. Agree - but I do have a Nespresso on my office desk

  2. I might have met you at an expresso bar around Melbourne at some time, but then I read the time - 6.00 am! I have never seen 6 am in my life.

    But if you have a more respectable time in mind, let's do it :)

    1. 6.00 am is a good time - I might say these days, midnight has left my life these days.


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