Sunday, May 24, 2015

How Important is a Weekend?

That's an interesting question. My father Jack who is 94 rides an exercise bike Monday to Friday - Why?
That way he knows that after Friday, the weekend starts.
I guess that for retirees, weekends really don't exist - its just one whole weekend for the whole week - BLISS.
Jack knows when his weekend starts - rides only Monday to Friday
I heard people say, why retire? - what would you do with your time?????? You have to be joking!
I can't stack everything I want to do into our weekends. Sue and I occasionally use my Friday off (transition to retirement) to take a day trip, have lunch together, discover new places and plan the house renovation. That's after my Friday morning ride. This Friday I had the Citroen C4 brakes replaced, had my handyman talk about rebuilding the front fence. I sanded all the skirting boards in the dining room for undercoating on the Saturday. The first coats of gloss were on the woodwork on Saturday arvo.

Saturday night we were invited to a Creedance Clearwater revival band concert - they were really good and we enjoyed a great night with friends. BUT, it was a late night and Sunday morning was an early start for an organised ride in the hills with 400 other riders that had entered the 110 kms Whittlesea Challenge.
Look at me - yes, that's me in black 400 odd people, very odd.
We are off under the banner and we returned 
Murchinson gap is a climb with an average of 10%. I was more intrigued by the bush letterboxes at the top. I'm sure that my cycling friends couldn't give a toss. There's beauty in our surroundings and that's why I ride a bike!
In my early years, the area was where we raced however that was over 40 years ago and the hills have become higher and steeper, I'm sure!!! It was brutally cold for us Aussies at 5 degrees with the fog reducing visibility to about 100 metres at the start.

After a Pizza and a Guinness I was ready to come home and spend some time with family, dinner and a few reds. I will sleep well after my 3 day weekend.

I hear Sue calling me to watch "Master Chef Australia" her fave program so we'll all catch up during the week. Bye! Just if you are interested, last week was Marco White and this week is Maggie Beers as guests.
Tell me - how was your weekend.

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