Friday, May 29, 2015

What do I do with my Friday's off?

We've moved along on the house spruce up over the last few weeks and big things are happening over the next four weeks.

The interior paint is pretty much completed now and the Baltic pine floor boards are ready to be sanded and sealed in a satin finish. The furniture can then be moved back into the Lounge and dining rooms.
The couches we purchased a couple of weeks back arrive next week - earlier than we expected so they will need to be stored until the floors are done.

I'm almost at the end of the painting now.
I know it looks a bit grotty now but once the floors are sanded and polished, it will come up a treat.
The front fence is now taking shape with all the fence posts in, the rails attached and the base boards in place. My job is to now to bring the pickets back to life with a splash of paint which I will start on this weekend.
The old gate works better than ever before due to my handy man's handy work.

A coat of paint and then we can start getting the front garden looking good.
The other job this weekend is to continue painting the side fences in "Black Caviar"- a colour named after a great Australian race horse. Oh yes, almost forgot, I also have to seal the now finished decking. I needed to add the finishing touches but had my front fence man do that for me.

My front fence man finished off the deck facias and added the step.
We are really pleased with the finishing of the ourdoor deck. Next is to give it a protective coat of deck oil before the onset of winter proper.
What a difference a coat of paint makes to an old timber fence.
Time is creeping on and our September deadline for putting the house on the market is looming. There are still several jobs ahead of us - There's the revamp on the en suite which will be a major update with new tiles, shower fittings, vanity and then repaint.

Lastly, we will do the gardens and that should put the finishing touch on the house before the auction.


  1. I often debate the question of retirement these days... and I think having a big project like you have is the perfect way to ease oneself into reduced working hours in the office. The deck already looks super.

    1. Thanks Hels - our time of life is one of many paths.

  2. By the time you have finished you won't want to put it on the market :-)) Have a good Sunday. Diane x

    1. It will be hard to leave - married in the backyard, 4 pets buried on the property, raised two boys BUT, its time to move on. A new exciting future is out there somewhere with less cars, less people and hopefully less crime. Off to the rural districts.


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