Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saturday and Sunday.

September is rolling on quickly - that's the date of our impending sale of the house. We've had a few auctions recently in the area and we are feeling buoyant. Auction results are acceding our expectations.

Progress of the painting is ongoing but I expect next month we will have the floors sanded and polished. This weekend I started demolishing the front fence. I built this 25 years ago and it had since started rotting. First impressions are important so we thought the front fence needed rebuilding to invite prospective buyers to look inside.

Last weekend
This weekend
Once the floor Baltic boards reveal their honey colour, the front fence is rebuilt, my nect project is to renovate the en-suite. Having renovated the bathroom, the en-suite does not daunt me.
Once these floorboards are sanded and then sealed, they will add a rich honey colour to the room to match our 100 year old dining table made from early Australian timber.
The first section of the fence has been demolished. I'm sanding and repainting the pickets this time before attaching them to the rails. The front yard will be replanted with turf and new plants in the garden beds.
I was thinking of a lower fence height but on reflection, our high picket fence adds that little bit more privacy.
Next comes the tedious job of taking the nails out of the pickets, sanding each one and repainting but won't it add to the street appeal, come auction day? Hope so!
It's interesting to share a small conversation I had with a cycling colleague on Friday. You may remember that I have transitioned to a four day week (would you believe on a 5 day pay) and on Fridays I ride with my friends who have done the same. We had a new comer this Friday, Neil. I asked Neil who is 69, how long he has been retired and he said he wasn't. He had just been retrenched and without thinking too much I said, congratulations. He would rather keep working.
This probably said something about my state of mind lately. I have so much I want to do in retirement and currently work gets in the way. I've reached my use by date.

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