Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wednesdays in France

A small Chateau we stayed at Tarere last year on the way to the Loire.
The owner's grandfather established the house. The family's modest fortune was generated by the grandfather's pharmacy business. I think he may have been a bit of a snakeskin pharmacist due to the business posters that adorned the breakfast room. Cures for all sorts of ailments.
A very interesting overnight stay.


  1. Its great to try out some of the the French Chateaux. We loved our stop over in Poitiers. Hope all is well Diane

    1. Poitier is a great city, especially in the square where the catherdal is.

  2. I love that style of French house......pity we couldn't afford one of our own!
    Mind you, thinking of all that dusting, maybe not!


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