Sunday, May 17, 2015


What a weekend - with my 4 day week, I thought I'd get stuck into the house thing but Sue decided that she wanted to shop. I don't understand this thing called shopping. Sue wanted to buy new couches that she had seen in a catalogue. Most of our best purchases are on a whim. So a visit to Freedom Furniture ended in the purchase of two 2-seater couches. They should look great in the Lounge room when finished.
Two of these will go in our Lounge room after we have the floors sanded, stained and polished.
So come Saturday and I needed to start pulling down the front fence. We had a quote to rebuild the skeleton, that is the posts and rails with me attaching the existing pickets. The pickets were in reasonably good condition only now needing a quick sanding and a lick of paint. My son Andrew helped with pulling out the nails in the pickets which was an enormous help. I knew his Doctorate in Philosophy would come in handy.
The pickets needed to be removed before being sanded and repainted.
That's a job for number 2 son maybe!!!
Finally after much hard work and blisters, the pickets are removed.
Safely stored for their new life.
While Andrew and I were working outside on a very pleasant Autumn Sunday, Sue was working on her project - the sideboard that previously was a dull black. It will now add a lightness to the dining room when we finish it.
This is Sue's project - don't look at the mess in the Lounge room at this stage. We'll show the finished product in a few weeks. Hasn't she done a fantastic job?
We expect that in the next three weeks we will have the floor sanders in and we can then start living in our Lounge and Dining rooms once again. I can feel an open fire coming on soon as we drop to the depths of winter in the coming weeks. Won't it be nice sitting on the new couches, sipping a glass of port with our coffee in our completed lounge room.


  1. The sideboard looks fantastic, as do the new sofas. I bet you can't wait to enjoy your new rooms.

    1. Jean - we won't be enjoying them for long as the house will be on the market by September. Love your new kitchen but not the drama you both have had to endure.

  2. Nice sideboard, would go a treat in our recently finished dining room!

    1. Vera - I'll sell it you but you can pay the frieght. I'm sure in your neck of the woods, you could find some lovely pieces. I reckon Sue and I could have easily filled a container on our last few visits to France.

  3. With a PhD in philosophy, maybe it would be a good idea to open a philosophy shop on some busy street in Melbourne!

    Your new sofas look a lot like the one we have in our living/dining room. Bon courage with all your good work.

    1. Thank you for your Bon courage Ken. I need it with the forward projects but it will be worth it eventually.


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