Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I think today was Wednesdays in France

France - its been our destination since 2009 and we've been back often over the years to now count our trips to six. We are actually planning another trip in late 2016 to return to Italy for a Classic Bike Event and then off to Holland, Belgium and France. I hope to have been retired during next year, sold the house and re-established ourselves elsewhere.

We keep saying after each trip that it will be our last. We've made many friends over those six trips and I guess that is what makes France part of our lives. Next year two of those friends will be coming to Melbourne to visit us. Danielle and Michel from Paris, we met them during the 2007 and 2008 World Masters Track Championships. It will be really nice to show them "Melbourne - our home on the bay".

Here's a few pics of our favourite parts of France.
In this case - the Loire

Saint Aignan sur Cher
Thenay near Pontlevoy
Monthou sur Cher
I've missed a few Wednesdays in France so I couldn't help myself - the many photos brought back the flooding memories of good times. Hurry up 2016.


  1. Belgium in 2016? At last?!! :))

  2. It is hard keeping up with photos and blogs. I know it only too well! Take care you two.Diane

    1. Its a really busy life at the moment Diane


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