Monday, April 06, 2015

Where have we been?

That's a good question Leon and Sue - where have you been?
Hard to say really. one week goes by, then another and that becomes a month. The house renovations and then my father arriving for three weeks while my sister who cares for him went on a well deserved cruise. Jack turned 94 while here, me 65 and my daughter Carly celebrated her 42nd all in the space of 4 days.

While working, house reno, celebrating, the Blog has been neglected but we promise that we will get back on track now that life is settling just a little now.

The House:
The lounge room is now almost completed and then we move on to the dining room update. Once the rooms are all repainted we then can have the floors sanded and stained. Then we revamp the en-suite.
That's pretty much the inside of the house but then it's the fences and garden. The deadline is September so we can put the house on the market.

Although Launceston, Tasmania has been at the forefront of our favourites, Sue has been looking at a rural township of Daylesford. Its the centre of Spa Country and the town itself has lots of eateries (a Sue priority).
The town was established as a Gold mining district around 1852. It's located a little over 100 kms from the Melbourne CBD and today it has a population of 2600. Most of its income is from tourism and its Spa baths and water. The town hosts many festivals and markets. Looks like we may take another visit on my Friday off this week so we'll keep you informed.

April is our busy birthday month and with my father now 94 years old, we treasure each visit. All his compatriots are now long gone and family is his main focus. He's seen many changes over his lifespan, many things he doesn't quite understand or for that matter, doesn't care to understand.
He's proud of his Australian heritage and his family.

Jack 94 - Leon 65
Jack gave up riding his bike at 90 and today does 30 mins on a stationary bike.
So that's our first post in three weeks but we'll be more consistent from now on.


  1. Happy Birthday to you all.Jack looks good for 94 and my son, who is a very keen amateur cyclist in Japan, is in awe of his riding until 90 and still doing 30 minutes daily.

    'Bon continaution' with your decorating tasks.

    1. Gaynor - do you ever loose momentum. Life here has been busy and we feel guilty about not keeping in touch with our small but loyal readers.

    2. All the time, Leon!!

      I still haven't changed the 'about me' section of my blog after nearly 9 months of retirement. At least you have the excuse of working and decorating. Sometimes life takes over which is as it should be.

  2. Birthday greetings. Interesting that you are considering Daylesford or Launceston. When we moved from Vancouver BC - 45 minutes south we had been considering living on the local Gulf Islands. However the ferry ride became the biggest consideration as we decided that our families would find it expensive and time-consuming to visit on a regular basis.
    We are very glad to escape the busyness of the city but still enjoy ready access to friends and family.
    Daylesford is charming (two cousins live there) but we are from Brisbane originally.
    We are also in the midst of a bathroom renovation, We were wrangling dry wall last week but have progressed after installing Kurdi for the in-floor heating, Tonight we pulled out the tiles for the floor to make sure there were no odd tiles in the basket-weave marble.
    The tiler will come early tomorrow. It is one job that we think we should leave to the expert.
    Last year we renovated the main floor of this cottage on Boundary Bay as well as redoing the landscaping.
    No plans to move again though as it is so lovely here.
    All the best for renovations and the moving decision.
    regards from Canada

    1. Janine - thank you for your comment - how did you find us? Just joined your site as well.
      Our son Mitch lived in Canada for six months and thinks of it fondly.

    2. Hi Leon,
      I think I found your blog somewhere between canal boats in France and Adelaide and beyond.
      We plan to buy a canal boat at the end of this year and I had an evening of browsing in areas that I do not usually venture.
      Your blog caught my eye - re the renovation, moving decisions and your 65th birthday. I celebrated mine last Saturday.
      I don't often hear of people actually physically doing their renovations. So there you have it.
      I do not know if my miniature blog will catch your interest but perhaps it will be nice to see what is happening in another part of the world.
      Hope you are both well.
      regards Janine


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