Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Hard to say what year it was,
certainly in the 50s.
Always had a love of the bike
it took you places, gave you a sense of freedom.
Nothing has changed!

I'm several decades on now
but still like to hang out 
with the young dudes on the bike.


  1. Yes definitely the 50's, recognize the jumpers!
    When we were backpacking South America, the young travellers were so happy to speak with us as it made them feel "all was possible" as they aged.
    My daughter-in-laws Father - we call them the "Outlaws" as they live on Vancouver Island, whereas we are the In laws as we live almost in town, cycled across Canada to celebrate his 65th. Where are you going?
    regards Janine

    1. Minwks - all is revealed in the next post on "Where are you going".

  2. Would you believe that at the last Trivial Pursuit Quiz Night I was at, one of the questions was "What does MAMIL stand for?" Middle Aged Men in Lycra of course :)

    I love old family photos. When my mum passed away earlier this year, we got out all the old photos so that dad could reminisce. My brothers and I really enjoyed the memories as well.

    1. Hels - Congrats on your Trivial Pursuit success - I'm most impressed. Two of those guys pictured on this post both come from Italy and I rode with them again this morning. Having young people around make you so positive and energised.


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