Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trentham - a sleepy little hollow

One of our recent readers asked, "Where are you going?" - that's a really good question. Our minds change constantly, after all its probably for the rest of our lives. We have several friends who live in France, having left family and friends behind to live where they will spend the rest of there lives. Its a big decision.

Our thoughts have been with Launceston Tasmania however we have been to a different area that has been quietly tripping around in the back of our minds as a posssibility.  A previous post has mentioned Daylesford and Kyneton but close by, in that triangle is Trentham.

Trentham is midway between Daylesford and the town of Woodend which is serviced by the V-Line train that runs to Melbourne. By car, Trentham is a little over one hour away from Melbourne via a fast flowing major freeway with a maxiumum speed limit of 110 kph. It has a growing population, currently at 1400 and projections of 5000 over the next 10 years may not be out of the question. It sits at the top of the Great Dividing Range in Victoria and on the edge of the Wombat Forest. It is an old gold mining town known more commonly  now as being in spa country. The area is riddled with mineral springs and there are many day spas and health retreats in  the area. Also a foodie mecca. We had a coffee at the local store that sold a good range of local and international wines. The proprietor who had lived there for close to 8 years loves the place and said that  in all that time, he's never had to lock the door to his home. He suggested that we should come back in the middle of winter as it has a reputation as one of the coldest places in Victoria during winter. There is snow or sleet on an average 13 days per year. Brrrrrr.....

Sue says;
If we do this, we're thinking we will build. We have found a house we both love. We like old fashioned charm coupled with modern convenience, comfort and little maintenance. This house has it all, and with a style we like. It has an old looking facade that will fit right in with the other buildings in town.
Here are some pics that Leon took yesterday of parts of it. We had a chat with the builder. Scary!

From the brochure

Walk through the doorway
And you are greeted by the long passageway that leads to the kitchen and family room.
To the left is a formal sitting room followed by the study and library.
To the right is the generously proportioned bedroom.
Looking from the kitchen/family room to the front entrance.
Behind me is a large family area, just perfect for entertaining vistors from the city.

Sue needs a walk in pantry

The bedroom has a walk in robe and to the left is the generous en-suite

Main Street Trentham - 1920s


  1. The inside of the house is really gorgeous! 1 hour away from Melbourne is pretty good. As long as you are not too far from a hospital and doctors, finding the right place is not that easy but I know that eventually, you will find the perfect spot.

    1. Nadege - who knows where life leads us, its all just a great journey.

  2. Hi Both, The entry looks amazing. Things to think about . Skylights in the hallway as it will be dark - I see the lights on.
    Switching the layout of the guest wing.
    Look at the plan - instead of two very small bedrooms, just have one bedroom with a sitting area one end but switch the layout so the bedroom will be on the side where the laundry and bathroom are now. That would enable you to create a covered patio outside the family room and bedroom. Your guests would look into the garden space instead of on to the dead space of the fenceline. Think of how you would place your TV and furniture in the family room. You may want to cut out the side window that presently looks out on to the side of the bathroom.
    I notice that the kitchen sink is not centred on the window. I would also want a trellis between the garage driveway and the entry garden.
    I love the charm of the house. The exterior is perfect for small town. The size is also perfect for downsizing but still has room for visitors. Yes - one must have a pantry!!!
    I am sure this is only the first of many ideas you will have. It is exciting to be moving on to the next stage in your life!
    regards from Canada.
    Oh, do you put any type of heating in a house , apart from a fireplace infloor for example?

    1. Minwks - We will contract you to do the decorating as well - good ideas.
      Thanks for reading

  3. The combination of old gold mining towns, spa facilities and modern foodie society is irresistible. I know Daylesford is gorgeous, so Trentham sounds gorgeous too.

    The flooring timber is amazing, all the way from the front door to the kitchen!

    1. Thanks for your comments Hels - who knows where we will be in one year from now. We do know we have a plan to return to Italy/France Sept/Oct next year. As for our next home - it will be an interesting journey.

  4. I like the house very much. As for the snow and chilly temperatures... it's probably a good idea to check on the insulation in the house for both keeping the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter! Good luck with whatever you decide.

    1. You never know what life has in store for you. There's still location options but the house is great.


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