Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Jacaranda is starting to flower

I'm not quite sure how many times I've posted on our Jacaranda tree blooming, I just know we've been posting on "Melbourne Our Home" since 2009. How time quickly passes. Initially we set up to keep family and friends informed of our travels. The Blog has been very rewarding as our friendship circle has grown with many new friends met while travelling.

In all that time we are progressing towards the 200,000 hits - other than the people that comment on occasion, we have no idea who reads our ramblings and we only have a small but intimate group of followers. I see such things as Facebook and Twitter connections with some Blogs that obviously increase the following, maybe some day I'll look into to those but at the moment we are happy with our band of followers.
BUT, if anyone has some advice, please feel free to offer input.

Back to the Jacaranda - we initially had it planted in the front garden along with another rather sick tree. Both have grown enormously in the back yard. The Jacaranda seems to have bloomed late this year and with some heavy rain and strong winds, the purple has ended up on the grassy back yard.

While sitting here writing this post, Melbourne has just had another downpour and more purple sits on the grass. This week is going to be very exciting for us. Our son Mitch has been home from India and South America for two weeks now - My father Jack with my daughter Carly have just arrived down from Queensland and our son Andrew is home on Saturday after 2 years in the UK and Europe.
One big happy family again.

Billy 78, Jack 92 and Willy 94.
Took my father to lunch today to meet a couple of his cycling friends, Billy and Willy. With Jack that's 264 years of pedalling history. Tomorrow we are off to another bikies luncheon of famous Aussie bike riders, a few with Olympic gold medals amongst them. More to come soon.


  1. I'm sure Sue will have a very special menu planned for your family reunion.
    Wonderful. Enjoy your time together.

  2. Thanks Gaynor - Life has been rather busy this last few months but rewarding and it will be a very special weekend.


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