Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An Aussie Christmas

Christmas day this year was a small affair with six of us at the table. The two boys, Andrew and Mitchell were home and Carly and Sharn were down from the Gold Coast so that made it perfect.

We also have a tradition of an open house in the morning when the other "Rellies" pop around to share the Christmas spirit. These days the (relative) families have grown with grandchildren. We are yet to get to that stage.

Sue organises platters of fresh fruit and as per tradition, makes her own paté that always seems get devoured  early in the morning. Then there's the slices of ham, olives and fresh baguettes all washed down with bubbles and orange juice.

Chrissy brekkie with fresh cherries, rock melon, strawberries and grapes.
Present giving begins once everyone arrives and I'm continually picking up wrapping paper while trying to serve more Champagne with orange juice. This year I gave Sue an updated Kindle and the Rachel Khoo book, "My Little French Kitchen". Sue would get her newsletters via email and thought it might be possible to catch up in Paris but then she became famous with a Tellie thing and now these books.
Sue is not hard to buy for - it just needs to be something she can read or cook. Oh yes! There are diamonds.

Sue presented me with a new bike bag so I can take my bike to Italy and France next year - only nine more months of saving to go.

First course was the traditional prawn cocktail
Sharn, Andrew, Carly, Mitch and Sue - just immediate family.
Main course not far away.
Oops! I was supposed to take a photo but it looked so inviting, I totally forgot.
Roast pork, stuffed turkey breast, honeyed carrots, buttered beans, roasted potatoes, pumpkin and parsnip with gravy.
As usual, we all decided we would take a little rest before our desert which again, I forgot to take a photo which only confirms that we were all enjoying ourselves for the first Christmas as a full family for some time.

Sue snapped this without my permission. Maybe its coz I didn't take photos of her wonderful Christmas lunch.
My apologies to all.
This should keep me in a few meals next year.
To all our good friends in Bloggersphere - Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


  1. Your menu sounds delicious! Happy Christmas to you all and best wishes for 2014. Perhaps we will see you in the Loire valley on your extended trip.

    Our Christmas day hasn't gone quite according to plan. After a skype conference with our kids in Japan and the UK we thought we'd be skiing but we'd reckoned without a distinct lack of snow in Switzerland. So we are walking up the mountain instead!!

    1. Gaynor,
      We thank you for your good wishes and same to you. Skype and Facetime are wonderful things for keeping in touch.
      Hopefully we may cross paths next year and if simon and Susan will allow us to organise a bloggers lunch then it may be very possible.

  2. Your Christmas "open door tradition" is very nice. Lovely menu that Sue prepared! I will check out Rachel Khoo. I never heard of her.

    1. Nadege,
      As I mentioned, Sue discovered Rachel through a forum but also had this TV series where she would invite a couple to join her for dinner in her pokie Paris apartment. I'm sure you would find it on You Tube.

  3. I think I could learn to like an Australian Christmas. No snow, no ice, just everything nice. Sounds perfect to me!
    All the best to you and Sue for the new year, and I'm sure Mitch has some new adventure in the planning stages already!

    1. Kay,
      Yes a summer Xmas is something we've grown up with, yet it seems that the whole marketing world associated the festive season with snow.
      There's been a growing trend in Australia to have a Xmas in July when we are in the depths of winter.
      Regarding Mitch, his travelling has been curtailed until his credit card is paid off.

  4. It was in the nicely warm 30s yesterday, so having lots of cold food, salads and sliced fresh food sounds utterly intelligent and festive to me. The idea of eating hot and heavy puddings would be as appropriate as sitting in front of an open fire.

    Icy champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice = perfection. Hot egg nog belongs back in the frozen parts of Northern Europe.

    1. Hels,
      I'm afraid there was the pudding for us along with ice cream, etc.
      I shall be reading your blog during 2014 - there's always something I can store in my memory bank that I can use to impress people.
      Have a great 2014.

  5. What a well organised Christmas! Glad that you had a lovely day with your family. We let Christmas bypass us this year, lots of other things to do, although I did manage a Christmas lunch. Hope you enjoyed the snooze on the bed, and wishing you and your lady a happy and adventurous 2014. Vx


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