Thursday, December 19, 2013

Friday of Fridays for 2013

Well, that's the end of the year for me - almost!!!
I still have to finish off Friday at the office with a few appointments on the way in and one at the office in the early arvo. Who knows what else will crop up before I leave the office for the last working Friday for 2013.

Talking 2013 - where did it go?

Sue and I took a few trips this year. We went to Launceston in Tasmania, Warrnambool in the Western District of Victoria and Warrigal to the east in Gippsland. These are areas that we have contemplated making a new life in retirement. Consequently with these thoughts in mind, much sprucing up of our 1929 Californian Bungalow house of 30 years has been achieved in 2013. I'm sure regular readers are very familiar with these exploits of ours.

So! Two weeks of annual leave from Friday onwards - bliss! What will I do?
You know, I have not read a full book in one day, I might try that. Will definitely meet my cycling friends for some long slow rides. There's a few jobs around the house - that's never ending.

More importantly, I will spend some real time with family. We have the two boys and my daughter and her partner with us for Christmas and that's a first for many years now.
We'll be off to the market on Saturday so we can purchase all the produce for Christmas dinner. It's the Prahran Market which is very special for Sue. It also has her very special Foodie Shop - Essential Ingredients.
 I'll tell you all about it after the weekend.


  1. I have been writing blog posts twice a week since 2008 and had to find (today, as it happens) which of all these posts had been read by the most people. Would you believe the winner was "History of the Californian bungalow in USA and Australia". I think I can thank you and all the other people who describe their bungalow renovations in blogs :) People are fascinated.

    1. Hels,
      I checked ours and yes, CalBung is the most visited as well.
      I wonder if anyone does a CalBung only blog?
      Our will be under the hammer in 3 years time.

  2. Have a great Christmas and all the very best for 2014. D & N

    1. And the same to you and the big bloke. How are you celebrating the festive season


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