Thursday, December 05, 2013

Funky Friday

Fridays - I wonder if retired people look upon Fridays as anything special!
I know - yes I do talk of retirement often in this blog but that's because these days I seem to mix many retired people. Having Jack, my father here in Melbourne for the week makes me think that if I have his longevity, I may have a retirement span of 27 years. I've always thought that we've got it wrong!!!!!
Why not be retired when young, have pension payments and then work for a pay when you reach 35 or 40.
Retirement could be so much more fun when fit and healthy - stop dreaming Leon.

Carly, Mitch and yours truly - 3 parts of the family
So! I've taken Jack to two lunches in two days and today (Thursday) we joined his cycling cronies at the Skinny Dog Pub. Now this is a Who's Who of Cycling. Olympic medallists and representatives, classic cycling race winners and just a helluva lot of jolly good blokes. I get to go with Jack because he's a Legend.

It's great for Jack staying with us because as I've mentioned earlier, our oldest son Andrew returns from 2 years studying in the UK. He's doing his doctorate and presenting papers in different parts of the world. All very unfamiliar to me and I don't even pretend that I understand his world but very much proud just the same.

My Daughter Carly from a previous encounter has moved back to Melbourne so its looking like a great opportunity for a BBQ on Sunday with three generations of our family being together.

Happy Champagne Friday to all.

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