Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fishy Friday

I had reason this week to be in the city CBD during the week to have a coffee with a client. As I walked to the meeting I noticed these huge metal sculptures in the laneway between two buildings. After the meeting I decided to to a walk down to the Yarra River, along the promenade and back along the laneway for a better look. I wish I could tell you more regarding their significance.

Melbourne never ceases to surprise me with her hidden treasures - I just wish I had more time to discover more of the nooks and crannies of Melbourne.


  1. Great photos, it amazes me what one sees when looking for things with a camera. Have a great weekend. D & N

    1. Diane
      Again these were from my iPhone - so handy when wandering around the city.

  2. Museum Victoria says that 72 aquatic creatures were produced for the 2006 Games and were mounted along the centre of Melbourne’s Yarra River between Princes Bridge and Swan Street Bridge. Each fish represented one of the nations competing in the Commonwealth Games.

    Could that be them? Impressive beasts!

    1. Hels,
      I believe you are spot on. I remember now.


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