Friday, November 29, 2013

I seem to be on a roll here.

So many Ghost Signs in Melbourne lately or is it that I'm just noticing them more these days. This time in South Melbourne, one of my favorites suburbs, there it was. I just happen to take a different direction to work as I do sometimes during the middle of the week. There it was, a huge ghost sign shouting at me "CARLTON DRAUGHT" on the side of a building I had once photographed on an earlier post. I hadn't noticed back then the ghost sign on the side of the building as I had previously approached it from the other direction.
Shamrock Hotel (1874–1913) 37 Thistlethwaite Street. Thomas O’Connor first licensed the Shamrock Hotel in 1874. It was de-licensed on 18 April 1913.

The Shamrock Hotel's ghost signs are very weathered these days and my photos don't do it justice with my iPhone but you can still appreciate the historic architecture. That's where ghost signs hide - on our early buildings.

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