Monday, November 18, 2013


You know sometimes finding a topic for a post for the blog is taxing - life is busy.
And then inspiration finds you!
The weekend was all time consuming.
Our son Mitchy arrived back home
from four months in India and South America.
He had so much to tell - we took time to welcome him back home.
Listen to his adventures - see his photos - amazing.
It was Sunday night and I had no posts for the Blog.

Then this morning I was in Brunswick, Melbourne
for a customer meeting.
Brunswick - so eclectic - so cosmopolitan.
But small pockets of the past still shine out, not so brightly as once was.
Ghost signs.
In days when there was a butcher and a pub on most corners.
And walk across the road for a Cool Summer Drink and your favorite tobacco.
Or maybe you need something stronger.
These buildings with ghost signs were within one block of each other.
I should do some more exploring with my iPhone.


  1. I am amazed you have so many there, there are plenty around here if you keep your eyes open. Hope you two have a good week D & N

    1. Diane - Yes, seen so many ghost signs in France in rural areas. They always make me want to stop the car and take out the camera.
      Have to say though, the iPhone is not to shabby taking pics either.

  2. Glad to know Mitch is home safe and sound. And you certainly made up for your lack of blog photos in short order. I would say your time was well spent hearing about his travels and looking at his photos, when a one-block sweep with an iPhone can produce so many interesting shots.

    1. Hello Kay - Mitch was pleased with your comments and following his blog as we do yours. I would say hello from you but currently he has been sleeping of his jet lag the last few days. He's a very good boy and we are most proud of him.

  3. Glad to hear that you son has arrived home safely. As for ghosts from the past, our area in SW France has many, including a 'proper' ghost from the World War Two occupation which I had to sort out. But that's my other job!

    1. Vera - In our travels thru France, we often have to stop to take a photo of a Ghost Sign. I have many in the collection but mostly in the Rural areas where "progress" is much slower. I know of a few ghost signs in Melbourne were exposed when bulidings were pulled down and then covered up again when the new building went up.


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