Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Ghost Signs

Remember last Monday when I was on my way from an appointment and in the back blocks of Brunswick Melbourne, I found some "ghost signs" - signs that have weathered the ravages of time.
I think the owners of some buildings preserve their ghost signs with a sense of history. This time I was travelling through another inner suburb of Melbourne. Carlton has always been a favorite of mine with many memories from my "young man" days but we won't go there!!!!
Suffice to say that Carlton retains much of its early historical architecture and heritage. Drummond, Lygon, Rathdowne, Canning, all streets that deserve some exploring - not by car but by foot or bicycle. Take the time to stop for some of the best coffee in the whole world - well, maybe not Italy. Maybe that's because we so many Italians that settled in Carlton after the war.

Coffee, that's sometimes what I do on the way to the office and this morning was no exception. I know this little cafe just across from the Melbourne Cemetery (our Piere la Chaise) that is quiet and friendly and it has ghost signs on the exterior walls.

Corner of Fenwick and Lygon Streets Carlton.
Renovations to Filou's Patisserie, on the corner of Fenwick and Lygon Streets North Carlton, have uncovered advertising images from an earlier age as a grocery shop. Products like Lux Flakes and Velvet Soap may be familiar, but what about Hardy's Jelly Crystals, Butterfly Dutch Cocoa and Electrine Candles, claimed by manufacturer Kitchen and Sons to be "the best candles in the world."1
From the Carlton Historical Group

Think I will some more exploring in Carlton soon.


  1. I must do a bit more looking around for them here. They really are interesting. Have a good day, Diane

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  3. Diane - all days are goos - some just different. Bet you can find many in rural France.

  4. Drummond, Lygon, Rathdowne and Pigdon Steets were my old hunting ground as a school student. Then I went to Melbourne Uni in Parkville. I LOVE Carlton dearly!

    Are you in Melbourne now and in the weeks before we close for the summer holidays? If so, I know a few other Melbourne bloggers who might be interested in pre-Christmas drinks. My email is


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