Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Cup Day - Four Days away from the Office.

It was last Friday that we polished off that bottle of bubbles and now its Tuesday night. Can I tell you that after four days without a thought about work, I really don't know where the time went.

Naturally there was the usual cycling with some great mates, there was delicious meals conjured up by that super cook, my wife Sue. I painted and finally completed the study, the trilogy of room renovations.
Funny - I thought that a trilogy was in three parts but Sue has another room on MY list now. I think she read "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" - a trilogy in four parts. My only worry is her list for me won't stop at four rooms.

Lawns were mowed, cars were washed, I even painted an old pine table for use at Christmas as its our turn to have the masses for the season's festivities.

Today was Cup Day - that's the Melbourne Cup horsie race thing. Not big on horse racing but I'd like them for putting on a show that STOPS a NATION and gives me a four day weekend. We caught up with the traditional BBQ Cup Day with friends.

Being so busy this weekend, I actually haven't much in the way of a post other than to say I think we enjoyed ourselves.

I'll leave you with a photo I took on the way home on Friday night. It must have been about 6.00 pm with the cloudless sky giving some indication of the weather in front of us. Daylight saving making the evenings longer to do things such as sitting on the deck drinking Champagne on a Friday night.
I really can't tell you much about this statue, I guess you'd call it a statue!!!!
It's always intrigues me and I always think I must stop and take a photo (iPhone) and post it on the blog so there ya go.

A man and his dog rowing a boat in Port Phillip Bay - Our Home by the Bay


  1. What a great photo, I really like that. Keep well you two Diane

    1. What a great statue - BUT don't we row with our back to where we are going?????

  2. Love that statue. Any idea why it is where it is and what it signifies?

    1. Vera - I wish I knew. It's intigued me for years.
      When I find out, I'll let you know.

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  4. I doubt you will ever get the list finished, decorating a home is a bit like painting a bridge, by the time you finish it is time to start again. :)

    1. LLM - Aint that true.
      Just booked our accommodation in Tuscany for October next year. Looking at 12 weeks in both Italy and France.


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