Sunday, July 31, 2011

Signs of Spring

I've been renovating No 2 son's bedroom, so during the morning I was indoors. Towards the late morning I took a wander around the yard and noticed that colour was returning. Splashes of pink and white seep out from the green on the jasmine. The Camellia is blooming and the weeping cherry has numerous buds. I think spring may be early this year.

The blooming Camellia.
Do you enjoy a Rose?
Time for the first Rose for the season.

And the first BBQ - Many more to come we hope.

We had a top of 20 degrees, wispy wind and a sunny day encouraged people to be out in shorts and T-shirts today as I drove through the city. I saw people sitting on sidewalk cafes and bars taking the warmth after a cold winter this year - well when I say cold, we never reach those minus things. Brrrrrrrr, not for us.
So now the first signs of spring are upon us.

Remember this piccie from during the week? I passed by on the weekend in day time.

It looks different, doesn't it??

I found this building nearby the Collingwood Town Hall.
Bit of an unorganised weekend but really pleased to feeling the onset of spring. I might even get a little more enthusiastic about getting up for early training rides. - Hmmm, we'll see. 


  1. Love these photos. Please don't remind me that spring may be early :-( I don't want an early winter!!!! Diane

  2. Diane - chuckle, chuckle. Think I know what you mean. Hope your winter is short when it comes but spring and autumn are the best.

  3. I think you're right - it's going to be an early spring and I haven't even finished pruning the roses - your garden looks a delight!

  4. Dianne - even had a 6.00 am ride without getting the nose or toes too chilly - roll on spring.

  5. I went outside the house to warm up today. The inside hasn't caught up with the outside. It was the first morning on the bike that I didn't need ear and toe warmers! Yeah!

  6. Dags - what could be better than a whispy wind, sunshine and a view on Port Phillip Bay when riding your bike. Maybe sailing on Port Phillip Bay in your family Yacht????

  7. Your winter garden looks wonderful... spring is well under way by the looks of it. Like the day time shot you gave us too... it's nice to see the comparison.

  8. Thanks Craig - always enjoy your posts too - a regular reader.


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