Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Village is Changing.

Mentone when we moved in during the early 1980s was where you went to buy clothes, hardware, groceries and go to the local bank or Milk Bar. Things have changed. The ambiance is changing. We don't know if its good or bad.
Just near the railway station is a multi-level apartment building going up with shops and cafes below. It looks like an exciting project but will we like it? More people, more cars, making it harder to park at our local village shopping centre.

In our time the good changes have been the various cafes and restaurants that have opened. The clothing and furniture shops have closed down because the people go to the huge shopping centres. If you need materials to renovate your home then the local hardware shop has been replaced by the huge Bunnings renovation warehouses. Maybe its good but I do feel sorry for those local village stores that have had to close their doors.
Called in to a cafe after 45 min into our ride this morning - it was 3 degrees and my fingertips were freezing even though I had thermal gloves. We decided that wrapping our hands around a Hot Chocolate was a good idea.
They even had a replay of the previous nights TdF. The signed Australian Jersey to the left on the wall is Robbie McEwan's. Other elite Aussie cyclists signed jerseys adorn the walls of CAFE RACER.

I just love this poster on the wall. Dad in the French colours with his son. 
The businesses that have closed have been replaced by many cafes and restaurants which is a bonus. Looking for a Sunday brunch - no problem in Mentone, maybe a coffee and a read of the local newspaper, several choices there. What sort of cuisine to you prefer, Asian, Eastern, Italian, Indian - its all there in Mentone.
Our population is growing - as prices closer to the city increase, commuters to the city are looking for apartments close to railways - this new complex is across the road from Mentone Station.

Fancy a coffee while waiting for the bus or train?

Or maybe a Sunday Brunch at this cafe (JAVA). No shortage of choice in Mentone.
Perhaps take a way noodles for a quick meal at home in front of the telly.
Or Italian here before going home!!
Maybe Thai would be to your liking.

Greek could be nice for tonight's meal.

Then of course Chinese with chop sticks might delight.
 I guess we'll have to see where the next few years take us - our choice is to roll with the changes or move. This is a choice we will contemplate over the next few years as we look at backing off from the fast life.


  1. Looks like a nice selection of eateries. I wish we had more asian to choose from here, but it just isn't so in the countryside. Have to go to the cities for that. Or maybe Mentone!

  2. You can't stop growth I suppose but when you've lived with a place as it is for years then it's hard top take.
    Cafe culture is always good though!

  3. Sometimes, it takes a while to get used to new buildings, malls... but we always do. Mentone is only getting better and better.

  4. I hate big towns or cities, give me the country every time. Growth unfortunately always seems to move in when you least expect it. Maybe the town is improving though, I have to admit I like the idea of having a choice of where to eat. Diane

  5. You would miss all those nice eateries!!

  6. I can tell by all your comments that you are all foodies. All those places I photographed are within a space of no more than 200 metres - I guess we are lucky and there were several more that exist in that space.
    Maybe its us that need to change a little too.


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