Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday to Sunday

Driving home from work Friday night, I knew it would be a tiring weekend to come. Late nights with watching the exciting last three nights to the Tour de France and helping my son paint his bedroom were on the agenda.

Sue told me she was in a cooking mood, something that always fills me with anticipation on a Friday night.
Fish was on the menu and I couldn't wait to get home to open a bottle of white wine to compliment the fish.

All I'd  fancied for a few days was fish, and the tinned tuna sandwiches I'd been having for lunch just weren't doing the trick!  So this is what I ended up with after a visit to my fishmonger. Some mussels and a couple of baby snapper, both from our bay and sparking fresh. Yummo!

The daggy, cut off the fins bit....why did you photograph that Leon? Especially with the strange band aided alien finger!

I cooked the mussels in a little white wine until they opened. Made a quick stuffing of sour dough breadcrumbs, garlic (lots) lemon rind, spring onion and popped it on top a mussel. Drizzle of olive oil and a couple of minutes under the grill.
Very noice. (That a very broad Aussie accent:))

Filled the cavity with lemon slices and a couple on the top. Then wrapped in buttered parchment paper and foil and popped it in the oven. Opened the parcel in about 10 minutes and turned the heat up so the skin would go a bit crispy. Served with an avocado and lettuce salad. Home made oven baked fries in  a little bowl on the side.

Our cat, Gem, was NOT amused! The happy ending for her and our other cat Rosie, was that I couldn't finish my fish and they both feasted very well later, AND the following day.
All in all, my fish cravings are sated ...for now.
Late nights were instore for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Alp d'Heuz on the Friday night was "edge of the seat" stuff with Cadel having bike problems but his team waited and brought him back into the race at the important moment to limit any losses.
Saturday night with the time trial and Cadel lying 57 seconds behind Andy Schlek was always going to be the pivotal point - Cadel did Australia proud by not only making up his deficit but motoring to a commanding lead over his opposition to take second, only seven seconds behind the Time Trial winner Tony Martin from Germany.

Cadel after his 2nd pace and rising to 1st overall in the penultimate stage.

It seems that Australia closed down and out whole population are in France - That is except for us.
Aussie flags, kangaroos were everywhere to be seen.

The overall classification puts Cadel in a commanding lead for the ride to the Champs on Sunday.
Will I be watching - you betcha...
The first Australian to stand on the top step of the podium is history making.
I remember the pride I felt when we won the America's Cup.

Cadel signs his first yellow jersey for 2011.

I did this little tribute to a nice bloke that just won this year's Tour de France. We are very proud of Cadel.


  1. Leon and Sue, Let me be the first to congratulate you Aussies on the splendid win of Cadel Evans in this year's Tour de France! Bravo!!! and Enjoy!! I'm sure you are going to build a party today ... Well deserved!! Martine

  2. Thanks Martine - Its 2.00am in Australia and now time for bed.

  3. Truly wonderful! Bravo! Congratulations to Australia! I hope it is the beginning of many victories to come in the tour.

  4. Nedege is right, well done Australia, you must be so proud of Cadel. He was obviously very over whelmed by the whole thing, what a nice guy Diane

  5. Nadege and Diane,
    We are so proude of the Boy from Barwon Heads. He's worked hard over many years for this victory.
    They say nice guys don't win, Cadel has proven the theory wrong.

  6. The food looks wonderful. Those mussels look particularly tasty! Well done to Evans - he did really well. And he does come across as a nice guy.

  7. Sue, why do you taunt us so?
    Love the tribute slideshow Leon. You're right, we are all very proud of Cadel. Now for some sleep. Watching the tour in Australia requires serious dedication. Too many nights sitting up until 2.30am

    As always Sue and Leon, great blog!!


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