Sunday, July 10, 2011

Much ado about nothing??

Its been a bit of a weird weekend really - you know where not much happened, then you realised a lot happened. Thinking back, we really don't know where the time went.
As you know we had the funeral service Friday for my Aunt Millie. Friday night I stayed up to watch the Tour de France to the early hours of the morning, hoping I might catch a glimpse of friends in the Loire - that didn't happen. Did the same Saturday night to see our Cadel Evans take third place. I find Cadel inspiring as a person. Well grounded and with the right priorities in life. A few years back he was awarded Australian sportsman of the year and won $50,000, all of which he donated to his favourite charities. He also sponsors a child in a 3rd world country and supports many other causes which he does without any fanfare. He and his wife Chiara would be be welcome at our dinner table anytime. I hope he achieves his goal of a TdF win.

Saturday after a slow start was a celebration of my brother in-laws 70th birthday. Caught up with family members from Sue's side. The kids I used to wrestle with are now parents with their own children - WOW!

Sunday we caught up with close friends who are in the same stage of life as us - pondering on retirement and the future direction of life. It's a bit like contemplating one's own navel really.
A lovely lunch was had with a Champagne, a Rose and a Red - maybe that's what it is all about - good food and good friends. I'll go with that.

So this weekend post is about "much ado nothing" really.
Our friends live on the Mornington Peninsula, a lovely part of the bay area, no more than an hours drive from our home. They are testing the prospect of living on the Peninsular full time in their retirement. As we arrived, I looked out their timber decking to see this wonderful Tea Tree. They are part of the Peninsular vegitation and have wonderful textures and movement to them.
Here's a few photos of that tree. That was our weekend.


  1. That tree is amazing. Thanks for the insight on Cadel Evans he sounds like a really nice guy. Diane

  2. I hope Cadel wins the Tour de France. He deserves it and if not this year, hopefully next year.
    I went to see "Steely Dan" last night. I am not sure they are known in Australia. Donald Fagan and Walter Baker are older now but still so very talented. Last time I saw them was 18 years ago.

  3. Wow - that tree is something else.
    If Cavendish doesn't win, (highly unlikely!)then I hope Evans does.
    Your weekend sounds delightful. Sometimes, not a lot going on is just what the doctor ordered.

  4. Diane - Cadel is a nice guy, are nice guys winners - I hope so.
    He deserves it.

    Nadege - I love Steely Dan, I even have solo CDs of both Wal and Don.

    Craig - Just watched an interview on who you don't want to sleep with on the Tour. Our Mark Renshaw says NOT Cav coz he keeps running around naked. I might just post that interview tonight.

  5. The textures in that tree are incredible, love it.


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