Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Back Home in Melbourne

Back in cold, windy Melbourne, but it is "Our Home on the Bay" and home is where the heart is. I arrived home and Sue had a hearty Italian meal waiting for me. Leaving the Gold Coast with 22 degrees C and arriving in Melbourne with 11c is a little bit of a shock to the system. I found my MGZT waiting in long term parking and pushed the bike bag into the back seat and hopped on the motorway that took me back to home.
Lasagne was waiting, but wait for it, so was a dessert, a blueberry cake. This was washed down with an espresso and a drop of Frangelico. Am I spoilt, I ask you???????????

I hope to get back to our regular posts soon, especially our "Wednesdays in France".
Talk soon - I hear Sue calling for another coffee - Toodle Pip.


  1. You are very spoiled indeed! I keep telling myself that good weather isn't everything but I'm not sure I believe my own argument any more!
    The MG - is that the Rover 75 shape MG? I still love that shape.

  2. Craig,
    Yep, that's the one of the same MG/Rover. Check out the previous post. Love my cars.
    PS: Yes I'm spoilt but don't tell Sue, will you?
    BTW - word verification is antica, just like my old cars.

  3. You must have been thrilled with yesterdays TDF results :-) Diane

  4. That blueberry cake looks good - definitely the kind of thing a good homecoming is made of.

  5. Diane
    Pleased but pensive. Too early to be in yellow for Cadel yet.

  6. Jean,
    Sue's into this berry thing at the moment.

  7. Yes! you are thoroughly spoilt I mean blueberry cake and Frangelico!! that's as delectable as you can get.

  8. Dianne,
    We spoil each other, afterall, I'm taking Sue back to Paris for her 60th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Italian meal waiting for you what more could you ask for :)

  10. LLM - Oh yes, and a glass of red to wash it down.

  11. Strewth you get treated well!
    Last time I came back from a trip, all I got was an SMS with directions on how to catch the bus and train home from the airport. Then I was asked to look in the fridge and see what I could knock up for dinner!!


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