Saturday, July 23, 2011

Because - Moonlight Sonata - Inspiration or what!!!!

I loved John Lennon's music - He was inspirational in many ways when I was young.
Tell me, was he inspired by Beethoven when he was young?

Tune in Monday


  1. Cadel Evans set to win the Tour de France. Didn't I predict that?

  2. Nadege - You knew all of the time didnt you.
    I'm sure many Aussies were more cautious with their predictions due to Cadel's past bad luck.

    Yes a fantastic Time trial by Tony Martin and a thrilling ride by Cadel to take Yellow when it was stategically perfect. Now he just needs to get to Paris without falling off.

  3. I think that Beethoven should sue for copyright infringement!
    It would be nice to see Evans in yellow and Cavendish in green later, that would be a good result.

  4. I'm afraid that Beethoven is a decomposing Composer (apologies to Monty Python).
    I thinks you will get your wish with Cadel and Cav.


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