Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shane Howard & Saturday Song

In the early 80s I had Goanna's first album - it was a time of change in Aussie Music. In latter years, maybe around 2000 I discovered Mary Black. She probably discovered Shane Howard at the same time. She also recorded a Neil Finn (Crowded House) song. Both Shane and Neil have enjoyed some recognition in Ireland due to her successes with their songwriting.

In 1993, Shane made his first tour of Ireland when Irish star Mary Black's recording of Shane's song, "Flesh & Blood", was a Top 5 hit there. He has since toured Ireland and Australia regularly with Black, who has recorded several of his songs. (From Shane's website)

This clip comes from a local Melbourne show, "ROCKWIZ" and at the end there is usually a duet. On this occasion, Mary Black was in Australia and invited to Rockwiz to perform with Shane.

Solid Rock was the first hit for Shane Howard's Goanna. He's one of the few Aussie Rock Bands in the 80s, along with Midnight Oil to write and perform songs dealing with Aboriginal Rights in Australia.

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