Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Yarra River

The Yarra River runs through the middle of Melbourne. I was travelling to an appointment for work when I was driving along the Boulevard beside the river. I thought there might be a pic or two for the blog.

The bridge in the background is one of the early ones that crosses the Yarra. Being not very wide, it is now a pedestrian bridge and from where I took the photo is the "Tan", a running track that circles Melbourne's Botanic Gardens.

Looking in the opposite direction towards the CBD, the tall buildings of Melbourne were covered in a mist from the encroaching drizzle that afternoon. No matter what the weather, the Yarra always looks interesting.
 Not only was I off to an appointment, but I had just come from one on the banks of the Yarra in an area called Southbank. It was a coffee meeting at one of the many cafes that line the river in that precinct.
I'm always taken by statues, sculptures and unusual pieces of art. Within the arcades of Southbank, there are many unusual pieces to be seen - these large metal fish hang from the ceiling and most probably give tribute to the many fish caught by our indigenous people who originally lived by the banks of the Yarra River.
The Yarra has seen a new life over the past several decades. In the early years of settlement, it became a drain for industry further up the river. Places such as Tanneries and Slaughter Yards.
Many of the fish and even Platypus have returned to a cleaner river upstream. On occasion, porpoise have even said hello in the lower sections.

It's now 10.51 pm Thursday night and it's still 25 degrees c with an expected low overnight of 22 degrees c.
It's been raining most of the day with maybe a less wet weekend before more rain is forecast for next week.
Time for bed - Goodnight.


  1. Platypus is one of my most favourite animals. I sat for ages at the wild life park outside Sydney waiting for one to appear. I have many toys and ornaments around the house:)

    Hope your river does not flood like the ones in Queensland!!! Diane

  2. You live in the perfect environment.

  3. Diane - The Platypus is also one of my favorites as well. Always on show at our Healesville Sanctuary where the first breed in captivity Platypus was born.
    As for floods, where we live is fine but the Western district of the state is experiencing some road closures.
    Its rained here so much, I can hear the grass growing outside my study window.


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