Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funky Feline Foto

This is our Rosita - once run over by a car and went missing for a week. Beforehand she was quite stand-offish but as the years have rolled on, she's developed a pat-me personality. We think she must have been brain damaged in the accident to have had such a change of personality. Anyway we love her as much as high maintenance Blue Burmese who is starting to lose her level of pecking order to Rosita. Go Moggy.

It's my couch, and don't even think about joining me (unless you rub my tummy).
Saturday Song sometime tomorrow
Who? Not quite sure yet.


  1. Is she the same funky feline in the banner up above?

  2. I was wondering the very same thing?

  3. Yes - That's the very same Rosita.
    She used to be very stand-offish as a younger feline but several years back she was run over by a car and went missing for more than a week. She finally came home and we nursed back to health. The accident changed her personality - Sue says she's brain damaged, Rosita that is!!!
    She's a nice cat these days and has risen up the pecking order over our Burmese.


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